Abreast – Danielle Binks

Abreast by Danielle Binks (22) Lucy found the photo, and looked at her mum’s breasts for the first time. It had been nestled between the pages of Cloudstreet, a white-edged Polaroid of mum sprawled in bed amid a tumble of twisted sheets. Her face is beaming beatific with the haze of morning pinking her cheeks; her […]

The Rain by Karen Liu

The Rain by Karen Liu (14)   The rain, my dear, taps desolate on cities grey Her marked voice an echo, a plea, a cry. Cry for the parched, sun kissed day Silent tap, whispered tap, rhythmic tap Seeds sown, foreboding cloud, blossoms grow in hunger Snails behold, dripping droplets, wipers race. Thunder on tin roof, […]

The Wanderer by Amin Olson

The Wanderer by Amin Olson (15)   In wandering Quivering men may kneel An outside landscape Shivers as Aurora Borealis delivers a shattering blow   An arctic punishment   Certain people may know, The quivering men The shivering men Men who have danced with deepest fear— And his waltz is a sight to see— Know Aurora […]

My Name is Growing by Ingrid Brett

My Name is Growing by Ingrid Brett (14)   My name is Growing, for that’s what I do. But am I not one thing more special to you? You gave me life, you gave me a soul, A rusty tin body and wheels that could roll. The world is different, slightly opaque, But my camera’s not […]

6.59am by Tess McPhail

6.59am by Tess McPhail (17)   Alarms sound and an army of women prepare for battle. Make-up is their war paint, fashion their armour.   Amidst clouds of steam and doubt The bathroom mirrors impressions of women: Hair stuck to cheeks and a face that looks like skin. They are bare. They are flawed. They must […]

For Katie by Paul Ferlitsch

For Katie by Paul Ferlitsch (22)   On the ocean, on the high seas Were the captain and his crew Sailing eastwards, months at sea now. Sought a beauty fine and true   Through the waters, naked lovely Swam the girl who was the prize. ‘O to catch her! Ageless treasure!’ Said the sailors between sighs […]

Dear, by Louise Millar

Dear, by Louise Millar (21)   Dear,  i hope you are sitting with dissonant dolls and different lovers in a bitter circle contemplating colour & constellation i hope you’ll walk out with a plate of apple skins and tell me no it is a fire, i hope you are taking your meds i hope you are copying clouds, […]

Memory is Tidal by Madelaine Lucas

Memory is Tidal by Madelaine Lucas (22) I read somewhere that the moon was once a part of the earth, and that it got hurled into space when the earth was still forming out of molten rock and lava. Now, when the moon reaches its full cycle, the oceans rise and reach towards it. You laughed when […]

Stroke by Zoe Taylor

Stroke by Zoe Taylor (23)   Because he loved them He could not let them see him broken. He took the gun from the drawer And pressed it to his skull.   Perhaps his life skittered before his eyes, Bright as a hummingbird’s wing. I don’t know, I wasn’t there; Nobody was.   Perhaps he saw […]

Wishing Hole by Elliot Seidel

Wishing Hole by Elliot Seidel (16) It’s when you see the collision coming up that you’re apparently meant to stop. Slow down. Fasten the seatbelt. Prepare an emergency brace position. Reduce pain and impact when the vehicle’s hit. Glass shatters like rain. And floats effortlessly across the steering wheel, your seat jars you in the back […]