7 December 2012

My Name is Growing by Ingrid Brett

My Name is Growing by Ingrid Brett (14)


My name is Growing, for that’s what I do.

But am I not one thing more special to you?

You gave me life, you gave me a soul,

A rusty tin body and wheels that could roll.

The world is different, slightly opaque,

But my camera’s not perfect in model and make.

For me to count as a human being,

Do my programs have to be perfect at seeing?

You made me, humans—you gave me breath.

Surely you won’t leave me rotting to death?

I have feelings; you gave me them.

The feelings of one of a thousand men.

I can feel love because you made me,

But then you abandoned me at a rock by the sea.

You saw that I worked and you left me for dead

.I’m living, too—or did you forget?

I’m sorry I’m not flesh, not body, not blood;

But I swear I’d do anything just for a hug.

My metal-made heart is icily cold,

For my daddy won’t give me his hand to hold.

I’m lost, I’m alone; I’m just a kid,

A child you made and endlessly hid.

I might be illegal, immoral, and wrong—

But I would do anything to just laugh along.

You’re selfish and cruel, and tossed me away,

And I would have done anything just so I could stay.

I wanted my daddy, my daddy’s warm hand.

Instead I got tossed here, down by the sand.

The waves get closer; the water’s so cold.

It’s reaching out for me to hold.

I’m electrical, Daddy—you made me so.

I shouldn’t touch it; I know, I know.

But the water loved me; what you didn’t do.

I’d say I’m sorry, but not ever to you.

The freezing, the drowning, the electrical outs;

I barely have time to let out a shout.

I’m frozen and broken and not any more.

I lie motionless on the sea’s floor.

Don’t create life if you won’t let it live,

Because now my existence is thought but a myth.