About Us

For over 30 years, Express Media has been developing, supporting and promoting young writers through workshops that develop skills, through opportunities for constructive feedback and publication, and through awards and programs that recognise excellence. Our flagship publication, Voiceworks, is made entirely by writers, editors and artists under the age of 25.

Many talented writers, arts managers, editors and youth workers have contributed countless hours, paid and volunteer, to build Express Media into the thriving centre of creativity it is today.

Our network of alumni includes Benjamin Law, Liam Pieper, Anna Krien, Hannah Kent, Tom Doig, Lili Wilkinson, Justin Heazlewood and Van Badham among others who have gone on to have a significant impact in the Australian literary, artistic and political landscapes.

Express Media continues to build on a proud tradition of providing young people with opportunities to express themselves, with the aim of impacting positively on personal development and wellbeing. The organisation currently presents an annual artistic program that aims to develop creative skills and build capacity among young writers. It is driven by our vision, mission, values and goals, and is responsive to the needs of our community.

Our office is based in The Wheeler Centre.  Below  is an audio description of the space and a transcript of that description.
Introduction to The Wheeler Centre venue



For further information about the building’s accessibility visit The Wheeler Centre website.