7 December 2012

The Wanderer by Amin Olson

The Wanderer by Amin Olson (15)


In wandering

Quivering men may kneel

An outside landscape

Shivers as Aurora Borealis delivers a shattering blow


An arctic punishment


Certain people may know,

The quivering men

The shivering men

Men who have danced with deepest fear—

And his waltz is a sight to see—

Know Aurora Borealis


And in the ice which kills indiscriminately

A wanderer

Faces an outside landscape

In the same way a big-game hunter widens his stance and

Grits his teeth

When the



Turns…                                   around


A natural reversal


The wanderer continues on his aching, plodding path

Impeded only by constant flurries of glacial drifts

Freezing feet


Mind overrun by snowflake dreams

Aurora Borealis is adorning the


Darkness interrupted by fusion







He goes in the nude—

The savage, biting, howling breath of

Aurora Borealis cripples him anyway—

Exasperation exacerbated his only mask



Since dropped all the others he owned into powder snow


A sort of lethargy

Associated with the cold

Stumbles by an ice fishing hole decorated with a polar bear nuzzling in red

—very tasteful—

It raises its head and nods to the multicolored heavens

There is no reply, no matter

And follows a quivering man into his secure refuge

An insulated tent with an insulated sleeping bag

Standing over this shivering man

A sort of          lethargy


Hours later, the new day is heralded

By an exquisite and excessive lack of sensory information

Associated with the cold


He followed a breadcrumb trail

Inward curiosity a deep-seated irritation

Trudging towards his own very personal light in the darkness—

Aurora Borealis glistening, shimmering, igniting overhead

The Wanderer dropped into powder snow