13 June 2013

NYWM Writer profile: Ruby Mahoney

rubyName: Ruby Mahoney

Age: 21

State: Vic

What is your NYWM goal? 

I hope to write 15000 draft words of my Honours memoir project.

What kind of writing do you do?

Currently I’m working in creative nonfiction writing as part of my Honours year at RMIT.

What inspires or motivates you to write and reach your goals?


What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading memoirs and anthologies of personal essays. I just finished Inga Clendinnen’s ‘Tiger’s Eye’ and Kim Dana Kupperman’s ‘I Just Lately Started Buying Wings’. About to begin David Shields’ ‘Remote’.

You can see more of Ruby Mahoney’s work on her website, or check out Lip Magazine where she is a Health Columnist and Editorial Assistant.