6 August 2021

Welcome Amy Matthews, one of our 2021 Deakin Prize interns!

Here at Express Media, we are so happy to welcome Amy Matthews to the team as our new Creative Producer Intern for the Deakin University Nonfiction Prize!

We had a little get-to-know-you with Amy before she starts her role with us.

What part about being the Deakin Prize Intern are you most excited about?

I am looking forward to understanding more about the professional side of literature and, I am excited to discover new avenues to explore within the literary industry. I am looking forward to learning about the behind-the-scenes processes involved in running a literary prize and am excited to be part of such a great team. 

Are you a writer/artist/editor yourself? What do you like to create and/or what do you like to read?

I am a writer of mainly short stories and poems. I hope to one day make a career out of writing, but for now I enjoy writing creatively for uni assignments and for my own enjoyment. I love to write within the gothic/horror genre with a particular interest in making everyday life uncanny. I most enjoy reading plays, poetry, and old timey mysteries (Agatha Christie will forever be my go-to). 

What do you hope to do after your time with Express Media?

I hope to better understand which aspects of the literary industry I find most interesting, and the kinds of roles I wish to pursue in the future. I want to walk away feeling a sense of connectedness with other writers and their experiences within the community. I also hope to better understand how prizes and workshops work to support and nourish young writers. At the end of my time, I hope to feel as though I have taken every opportunity to learn something new, and that I have contributed in a meaningful way. 


Amy is coming on board as one of two Deakin University Nonfiction Prize interns with us this year. Amy is our Creative Producer Intern, and will be working closely with our Creative Producer Magenta Sheridan to deliver the Deakin University Nonfiction Prize, Q & A and Masterclass.