4 June 2012

Voiceworks Submissions Open

Submission and Pitch Deadline: June 24 for edition #90: Copy/Paste (Spring 2012)

“You pick it up and put it down. You pull faces for the wind to shift into someone you may have known. You tell a friend, who tells a friend, who tells his dog. His dog howls, and the pattern is a snowflake. You mimic the exactness of a strangers walk. You pick it up. You put it down and become yourself again. The claustrophobia of all this moving is terrifying. The city morphs and swings its mood like a fever. You find that most things are treasure, but chemistry tells you otherwise; the passover of skin, a thermal transfer of touch and blood-beat. Everything needs a tiny ounce of spit to hold, otherwise it’s just the act of taking and taking until you cannot move.”

Remember, theme isn’t everything. Most of all we want good writing.

Please make sure you read the following guidelines closely. If you’re unsure about any of the guidelines, send your question to editor@expressmedia.org.au.

We are only able to publish work by writers and artists who are under 25 at the time of submission. We only consider previously unpublished work. Please also keep in mind that because of our funding arrangements, we are only able to publish one international contributor per issue.

When submitting, please include in the body of the email your:

  • Name
  • Age
  • email address
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Bio of 25 words or less

Please also include how you found out about the magazine.

Please send all writing as an attached .doc or .docx, and do not include your name in the document. Please do not send PDFs or obscure formats, or paste your submission into the body of your email. Send visual art as image files.

Send all submissions to editor@expressmedia.org.au.


Send no more than two pieces, each no more than 3000 words.


Send no more than three pieces, and no more than 100 lines in total.


We recommend that you pitch your nonfiction work before sending it to us. While this process does not guarantee publication it provides an opportunity to develop and clarify your ideas, resulting in a stronger submission.
Instructions on how to pitch and how to write good nonfiction for us are here.

Otherwise, send no more than two pieces, each no more than 3,000 words.  A huge list of nonfiction ideas for this edition is here.

Visual Art

Includes comics, illustrations, photos, etc. We print in black and white (greyscale) and our pages are not quite A4: 210mm x 270mm. Please supply your images at actual size and 300dpi.

We pay $100 for every piece we use.

If your submission is unsuccessful, we will notify you as soon as we can and then provide you with detailed feedback a little later. Feedback is written by a small group of volunteers and we receive a lot of submissions, so we appreciate your patience. If you think something’s gone wrong, or you haven’t heard from us 3 months after the submission deadline, please get in touch.