5 June 2012

The Rad Library, Perth

The Rad Library, a mobile library of books, zines, DVDs, and games, defines a ‘rad’ resource on their website as something that is:

  •  hard to find and/or expensive to obtain
  •  present perspectives and voices that are often marginalised in our society
  •  are donated by people who hate to see things collecting dust on shelves when they deserve to be read or watched

With dozens of categories (to name a few: queer, gender, Aboriginal, environment, spirituality, DIY, expose, political theory, young adult, kids and autobiography), this radical little van can be found at Hyde Park, Perth on Sundays between 12 and 6pm.

Though usually found near the pagoda on the Vincent Street side of the park, this library has wheels, so call 0426 273 124 if you get lost in the trees! In the mean time, visit the Rad Library’s blog for up to date news: http://theradlibrary.wordpress.com/