Voiceworks is now open for submissions to issue 115, Goth!

The Romans defeated us but we were reborn: in cathedrals and Romantic poetry, in Bauhaus and Lestat, in teenagers heavy with black lipstick and eyeliner. If you made potions in the sandpit, grated acorns against concrete, pried itchybombs for their fluff, you may be one of us. Emos are welcome, Emotions are welcome, Emojis are […]

NYWM: Day 30

  The end of June is actually upon us! First and foremost, we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride and found all of our posts invaluable and helpful to your blossoming writing careers. For the last post, we thought it might be a great idea to give you a whole bunch of awesome resources to submit […]

NYWM: Day 1

Get ready to throw confetti in the air and dance gleefully like no one cares because National Young Writers’ Month is finally upon us! Whether you’re a regular or a newbie looking to develop their writing skills, Express Media welcomes you all to what will certainly be an eventful June. Before we go on, for […]

NYWM: Day Twenty-Four

Today is the deadline for submissions and pitches to Voiceworks #90 Copy/Paste. Check out the Voiceworks submissions section for details. New South Wales poets and writers, Australian Poetry is launching the second edition of their flagship publication the Australian Poetry Journal this afternoon at the Brett Whitely Studio. Check the website for further details. Today the NYWM […]

NYWM: Day Seven

Well here we are, one week in to National Young Writers’ Month. How is your goal shaping up? Have you been filled with early enthusiasm, or were you distracted by the general pace of life and have left that writing goal lingering on the shelf? Today we’re focusing on ways to keep up motivation after […]

Voiceworks Submissions Open

Submission and Pitch Deadline: June 24 for edition #90: Copy/Paste (Spring 2012) “You pick it up and put it down. You pull faces for the wind to shift into someone you may have known. You tell a friend, who tells a friend, who tells his dog. His dog howls, and the pattern is a snowflake. You […]