NYWM: Day 7

The structure of your novel is something that should be considered very carefully because essentially, there is no point in writing a novel if their is no coherent structure. It not only makes for bad reading, but it also creates thousands of loopholes in the plot, making your audience feel underwhelmed and disappointed. One of […]

Abreast – Danielle Binks

Abreast by Danielle Binks (22) Lucy found the photo, and looked at her mum’s breasts for the first time. It had been nestled between the pages of Cloudstreet, a white-edged Polaroid of mum sprawled in bed amid a tumble of twisted sheets. Her face is beaming beatific with the haze of morning pinking her cheeks; her […]

Melting Ice – Violet Macdonald

Melting Ice by Violet Macdonald (17) I didn’t even see the rope break. I suddenly felt myself plummet down the glacier, the icy wind rushing past my face. I fell through a break in the ice, planted precariously in the snow, and landed on a rough bed of fallen stalactites.  My head spun as it […]

Wake – Jessica Yu

Wake by Jessica Yu (17) And so you crept inside my house one day and said that you would stay. I said okay and lay down to sleep upon the floor. My bones sank but a heap of coat hangers and skin that followed close. I closed my eyes and did not wake till morning. […]

Laika – Mitch Cunningham

Laika by Mitch Cunningham (22) So Julie went to see him for the first time in a year. The next town over, an hour or so on the new highway. Early evening sun caught in her eyes, the dust on her jacket shoulder. Stuffed beige files, stacked a foot high on her passenger seat – […]

Cumulus – Olga Joanna Kotnowska

Cumulus by Olga Joanna Kotnowska (24) Behind the fence that runs along the track, tussocks of sugarcane rise; from a mess of dry leaves, bright green blades push up and with sharp tips point, reach higher than the top wire that stretches between the rotting trunks that hold the fence together. Along this way it […]