21 August 2012

Sophie Seng Hpa – Love is a Journey

Love is a Journey

Did you know that tinned food was available 30 years before the invention of the tin-opener? In much the same spirit my feelings for Avery Whitbread exploded into being long, long before Avery had any idea that I existed.

Sitting here alone makes me miss Avery even more. Her skin a pale white, her hair a crusty brown, what more could you ask for? I hear footsteps coming down the hallway; this could be my chance.

Little Millie Roberts pokes her head through the door – hopefully she’s looking for me. Her hand moves closer but veers away and over to John Hony.

‘Nooo!!!’ I shout, but she can’t hear me.

John gives me his sweet smile; I bet that works a treat with Avery!

The door opens again and Millie is back with John who seems to be emptier inside. Then Mrs Roberts yells something to Millie, and she shuts the door and takes John with her. He is never to be seen again.

All of a sudden I hear the unmistakable sound of Avery’s voice shrieking as she hits the table, hard. I know I must do something to save her. I need to escape – but how?

There’s a loud thud.

‘Sorry,’ I say to Rupert Crem and all the others I’ve knocked over.

Mrs Roberts must have heard the clatter and comes to check out what’s happening. She swings open the fridge door and in a split second we’ve all fallen out. The Roberts are all flabbergasted and scramble to pick us up – their ‘food’ has fallen to the floor.

Now is my chance. The fall has knocked me about, but I drag myself along the bench to where I see Avery.

‘I come to thee, my love!’ I call to her in my romantic Shakespearean voice.

I spot a bucket of gumballs sitting on the bench. I reach inside and pull out a rainbow coloured one. I throw it at a glass jar containing liquorice straps, which smashes violently. The Roberts all turn around; maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

I freeze, hoping nobody notices me and then Millie starts in my direction.

‘Oh no!’ I cry to myself.

Luckily she’s only after the broom.

Once everything is tidied up and in its rightful place, except for the gumballs, the liquorice straps and me, I creep up to where the liquorice is. I knot three straps together and put some sticky gum on the end, and then I throw it to the middle island bench where Avery lies. I’ve made the perfect tight rope!

After all the Roberts have left the room, I tell Avery to walk towards me, and that I am going to save her and that she need not fear. So she begins to walk the ‘STRAP OF DEATH’. She is mostly steady the whole way over and only experiences a few freak-outs. Avery arrives successfully and safely to destination Charlie Buter.

Together we run towards the window and jump outside. She calls me her hero and tells me she loves me, and then… she kisses me!

‘Although separated by aisles in the supermarket, Charlie Buter and Avery Whitbread – like butter and white bread – are a match made to be.’

By Sophie Seng Hpa, Year 7 (Female)