6 March 2020

Announcing our new Voiceworks Intern, Elmira Cheung!

We’re excited to announce that Elmira Cheung is our new Voiceworks Administration Intern!

Elmira is 21 years old, born and raised in Melbourne with a Hong Kong heritage. Her creative interests include graphic design, writing, painting and singing. She has completed a Diploma of Graphic Design, AMEB Grade 8 in singing and is currently working towards finishing a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Painting). In 2018 Elmira participated in the Express Media Toolkits Workshop: Graphic Narratives, her work has since appeared in Voiceworks and Farrago Magazine.

When she isn’t doing creative work or dotting on her cats, Elmira spends her time taking care of many children (OSHC) or teaching adolescents how to debate.

We are so excited to have Elmira join the Voiceworks team!

1) What part about being the Voiceworks Administration Intern are you most excited about?  

The really obvious answer is becoming more cognisant about the behind-the-scenes components that lead to the final product. Just in two shifts I’ve already learnt about the whole timeline of a magazine, how transparent and fair the editing process is and all the different people that are required to make it work. I hope to one day be a graphic designer for a magazine (I also really enjoy admin) and I really love and value printed media. Voiceworks is not just a magazine but a genuine tool to help young people improve and feel empowered: I’m really looking forward to working in an environment that genuinely cares about young people. 

2) Are you a writer/artist/editor yourself? What do you like to create, and what do you like to read?

I’ve been interested in being a Mangaka since I was 8. I think that’s the one thing about me that has never changed and never will. At the moment however, I predominantly paint and illustrate and I really like focusing on storytelling components. I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, which has really pushed me to go beyond aesthetics and to think about space and the 3D world. I really like challenging the definition of art, I think my aim this year is to bring comic elements into my artwork. 

I don’t really read much because I’m a busybody and I get motion sickness on ptv, but when I have spare time I love binge-reading manga (especially historical romance manga) and reading shorter novels (especially historical romance short novels haha). 

3) What do you hope to do after your time with Voiceworks

To finish my Bachelor, to get a job hopefully in admin or graphic design, and to submit the heck out the submission button for Voiceworks and other magazines.


The Voiceworks Internship is a 3-6 month volunteer role of 1 short day per week for someone under 25 who is interested in the administration side of arts and publishing.

Voiceworks is Express Media’s flagship publication, a national literary journal that features exciting new writing and art by young Australians twenty-five and under.