16 February 2017

John Marsden

John Marsden has been writing almost all his life, since first tasting publishing success in the grade 4 classroom at Devonport Primary School. In 1987 John’s first novel, So Much to Tell You, was published.

For 20 years John continued to write, mostly novels for teenagers. Books include Letters from the Inside, Checkers, Winter, Dear Miffy, and Everything I Know about Writing. It was the Tomorrow series, followed by the Ellie Chronicles, which proved to be the most popular. They have helped John become one of the few writers to have sold more than 2 million books in Australia.

In 2006 John founded the Candlebark school, which enabled him to put into practice the beliefs and theories he had formed about education. The school’s emphasis on innovation and adventure has attracted much attention.

John and his partner live in Lancefield Victoria, with six sons.