20 September 2016

Meet the 2016 Buzzcuts Melbourne Fringe Festival Team

Introducing our 2016 Buzzcuts Melbourne Fringe Festival team! These eight young writers and creators will be crafting arts reviews and interviews throughout the festival for buzzcuts.com.au. Before things kick off on September 15, get to know them on the Typeface blog.

Eleanor Boydell

Eleanor Boydell

I’m an aspiring arts sector professional based in Melbourne.  Studying Arts Management at RMIT, I’m exploring any and all opportunities that exist in the sector, with a keen eye towards a future working with cultural festivals.  New to reviewing, I’m excited about the opportunity to engage with Melbourne Fringe Festival in a unique way, and discover what I might learn through the critical engagement with art that review-writing will demand.  When not wrangling with arts law, I spend as much time as is justifiable seeing art, volunteering in both the arts and community sectors, and running away on a weekly basis to train with the circus.



Brooke Munday

Brooke is a freelance writer and third year at Melbourne University who seems to think it’s okay to talk about herself in the third person. She’s about to finish a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in media and communications and creative writing, and jump straight into a Masters in Publishing and Creative Writing. She’s a self-confessed fantasy and sci-fi geek who most definitely does not have a book addiction. And after approximately two years of low-key stalking Express Media, Brooke has finally managed to swindle her way into the Buzzcuts team. Now she’s looking forward all the fabulous shows the Melbourne Fringe Festival has to offer and welcomes recommendations with open arms.




Eliza Janssen

Eliza Janssen has been writing for half her life, and was published in Voiceworks Magazine as the winner of the John Marsden Young Writer of The Year in 2012. As an Arts student at the University of Melbourne, Eliza has studied theatre and literature, and is currently pursuing a creative writing major. Shamelessly addicted to being an audience member, she is excited at the prospect of attending and reviewing as much of the Melbourne Fringe Festival as possible. She likes Cat Stevens, potatoes in any form, and film. She dislikes writing about herself in the third person.



Brianna Bullen

Originally from Bacchus Marsh, Deakin University honours student Brianna Bullen spends her spare-time volunteering (at a second hand book store, with e.motion21, and at Deakin), hiking, and championing arts degrees. She has had work published in Imagine, and has forthcoming publications in Verandah, and NoiseMedium. A science-fiction, fantasy, and experimental prose lover, her favourite writers include Kazuo Ishiguro, Margaret Atwood, and Lydia Davis. Her current writing preoccupation involves posthumanism and the role of art in clone and robot science-fiction. She is hoping to improve her arts criticism skills—which she thinks is an art in itself, and a highly undervalued one—through Buzzcuts. The best time of her life was spent abroad, living in a log cabin in Canada with a homicidal parakeet named Corky and debating life, lit, and politics with her friendship group, TEAM. Find irregular tweets @BriannaBullen



Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor writes because he can’t draw, sing or act. He spends the rest of his time opening new tabs and sitting in the shade. He has written bits and pieces for The Big Issue, Junkee and New Matilda.



Fabrice Wilmann

Fabrice Wilmann is a publishing assistant at Tilde Publishing and Distribution who is currently completing a Master of Publishing and Communications at The University of Melbourne. He also serves on the editorial committee of The Victorian Writer. Fabrice has taught English in France and has volunteered extensively across Writers Victoria, the Melbourne Writers Festival and the Emerging Writers’ Festival. His main literary interests include modern French literature, contemporary Australian fiction, young adult fiction and the endless possibilities of historiographic metafiction.




Chloe Papas (Editor)

Chloe Papas is a writer, journalist and editor based in Victoria, via Perth. She spent two years working for the ABC before turning to the freelance life in 2015, and has since been published in publications like The Guardian, Overland, Vice, The Vocal, Writers Bloc and Kill Your Darlings. She is incredibly excited to be one of this year’s Melbourne Fringe 2016 Buzzcuts Editors, and to share her knowledge and love of the arts.




 Tim McGuire (Editor)

Tim McGuire is a freelance writer of non-fiction and fiction. Among others, he has written for The Australian, The Big Issue, Kill Your Darlings, The Lifted Brow and Going Down Swinging. He is a non-fiction editor for Voiceworks magazine and in 2015 he was longlisted for the inaugural Richell Prize for Emerging Writers. He lives in Melbourne.