Lauretta Flack

Lauretta Flack is a writer and editor based in Canberra. They currently edit experimental digital writing for Voiceworks Online. In their work they are particularly interested in queerness and art theory, and especially the intersection of the two. They can be found on twitter at @laur_eater.

Saaro Umar

Saaro Umar is a writer and poet based in the ACT. Her work has been published in Australian Poetry, Haverthorn and Demos. You can slide into her dm’s at @saaroumarr

Cathy Tran

Cathy Tran (24) joined Voiceworks in 2009 as a sweet and shy little being. The committee took a tough-love stance towards her, forcing her to create an alter-ego named ‘Sassy Tran’. She’s travelled around a little bit to help run writing workshops and speak on panels but mostly she just spends her time drinking coffee […]

Fiona Spitzkowsky

Fiona Spitzkowsky (24) is a writer, editor and theatre maker who sometimes does other things too. She was a creative producer for the 2015 Emerging Writers’ Festival, editor of Express Media’s 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival Buzzcuts program and works for  theatre companies Attic Erratic and Twelve Angry. She once wrote the phrase ‘crisis of paradoxical […]

Mira Schlosberg

Mira Schlosberg (21) is a serious romantic and also a writer originally from Oregon and currently living in Melbourne. When not busy pining or writing stories about pining, Mira edits fiction for Voiceworks, makes zines, and tweets @miraschlosberg. One time Miranda July called Mira cute and life has not been the same since.

Vince Ruston

Vince Ruston (21) is a writer, and editor based in Melbourne, studying at RMIT and currently a Creative Producer for the Emerging Writers’ Festival. When away from the desk they can be found in a library or crying over lingerie. They only wear black, and once tried to force themself to like black coffee, but […]

Phoebe Paterson de Heer

Phoebe Paterson de Heer (24) is a writer, bicycle mechanic and wannabe farmer from Adelaide. She’s been published in Archer and Scum and Writers Bloc and got to yell about science with some cool people on panels at National Young Writers Festival in 2016. She makes nonfiction and memoir about endometriosis, evolution and eviscerating chickens.

Clare Millar

Clare Millar (19) is a poetry editor for Voiceworks. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Professional) at Swinburne University, double majoring in creative writing/literature and professional writing/editing. She is exploring how to read and write at the same time to achieve maximum literature input and output. She is the runt of the Voiceworks […]

Myles McGuire

Myles McGuire (22) is a Brisbane-based writer and QUT graduate with unrealised potential as a food blogger. His work has appeared in Voiceworks and Overland Online, though his primary form of creative output is the numerous novelty Instagrams he manages alongside his housemates. He is currently employed as a bookseller and media manager at Riverbend […]

Caitlin McGregor

Caitlin McGregor (23) studies creative writing & literature at the University of Melbourne. She is the intern coordinator and social media manager at The Lifted Brow, and her writing has been published by Scum Mag, The Lifted Brow, Alien She Zine, The Bohemyth and elsewhere. She lives in Brunswick with her son and 300 matchbox […]