28 April 2022

A heartfelt goodbye to our Voiceworks Designer Selena Repanis!

The end of an era is nigh, as our wonderful Voiceworks Designer, Selena Repanis is finishing up her time with us, after two years of wonderful work! 

As is tradition, we submitted Selena to the mortifying ordeal of being known and asked a couple of questions of our outgoing designer. 


What are some of the things you learnt in your time being the Voiceworks Designer?

I enjoyed learning about Voiceworks’ unique editing process — it’s very communal and the EdComm and Editor give so much support to all pieces submitted to the magazine, reading over each one and providing feedback. It’s a really thoughtful and generous editing process and I’m still very much in awe of it.

Why did you initially apply for the role of Voiceworks Designer?

I was thrilled to see a role where a young designer was given so much freedom and trust to produce a high quality print magazine. It’s a rare opportunity! I’m lucky I was able to be involved for the past two years.

What has been your favourite or most memorable Voiceworks piece or issue and why?

Issue #121 Root! This is my favourite issue that Adalya and I worked on. The cover by Clare Wigney, Sar Fegan’s amazing piece, working with illustrator Joyce Cheng, I feel like I was also getting more confident with designing the issues and I was taking more design risks. It’s a really fun one.

What is something you want to see more from Voiceworks in the future?

I am very keen to see how the new designer and editor duo approach the magazine. It’s such a unique opportunity to do something quite new, so I can’t wait to see what magic they bring.

What were some of your highlights of the experience?

Working with Adalya Nash Hussein has been a seriously great time. Any future employers of hers are welcome to use that previous sentence as an official reference check… Also just the whole thing in general has been a really incredible experience. I’d definitely recommend anyone to get involved in Voiceworks Magazine and Express Media — whether that’s subscribing to Voiceworks, having a look at EM’s other incredible opportunities for young writers, or submitting some work to the magazine. 


Thank you for your tireless work and dedication to Voiceworks, the Express Media team and our community Selena, we wish you all the best with whatever adventure you take on next!