19 October 2023

Exciting changes for Voiceworks

For more than 35 years, Voiceworks has stood as Australia’s leading youth literary magazine, offering a pathway for young creatives into the national arts and publishing landscape. Our vision is to showcase and remunerate contributors for their fresh writing, comics and artwork, whilst supporting the development of emerging editors and designers.

We’re proud that over the past decade the cost of Voiceworks issues and subscriptions has remained consistent, reflecting our commitment to making the magazine as accessible as possible to young readers across Australia. However, we’re currently making some changes that will result in a price increase.

Traditionally a quarterly publication, Voiceworks will now be released as three issues annually, priced at $20 per print copy. Importantly, we will maintain the same volume of content each year, but we will present it in more substantial issues. This change allows our editorial team to allocate greater time and resources to each publication cycle. Additionally, we’re introducing concession prices for digital issues and ‘Pay Your Age’ pricing options for digital subscriptions to help keep Voiceworks accessible to young people and students.

Current subscriptions and memberships will continue until their completion at the rates initially paid. The comprehensive price list for all new purchases and subscriptions can be viewed below.


Voiceworks individual digital issue $8, or $5 concession

Voiceworks individual print issue $20

Voiceworks digital subscription (3 issues) Pay your age ($15-25)

Voiceworks print subscription (3 issues) $70

Voiceworks print bundle $40

Annual Express Media membership $25

Annual Express Media membership + Voiceworks subscription $85

Express Media Schools membership $100