Voiceworks #129 Static


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Voiceworks Issue #129 ‘Static’ is buzzing with exciting new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, comics and visual art by people under the age of 25. This is the first issue with Selina Moir-Wilson as editor – it features stunning cover art by Mika Benesh and  illustrations by Jasmine Jafari,  all masterfully designed by Cecile Richard.

In ‘Static’ you’ll find essays on how the internet alters our memory, meditations on near-death experiences and insights into who gets left behind in Australia’s healthcare system. In fiction you’ll find a girl who is devoured by a ghost that resembles her missing sister, a critique of capitalist exploitation in a story about burger-flipping robots, and you’ll feel that special, unnamable tension that happens between friends and lovers. There are poems about the trickiness of gender, rotting teeth and chanting in the rain. In comics you’ll see frogs chewing on electrical wires, a couch that transforms into a thriving ecosystem and early morning phone calls from Centrelink. An interview with author Paul Dalla Rosa offers insights into craft for emerging writers.

Featuring: Mika Benesh / Jasmine Jafari / Joel Keith / Kallen Farley / Tyberius Larking / Sharon Zhang / Meredith Tyler / Nadia Patterson / Nazara Jones / Q. Bloom / Cameron Rutherford / Emma Collins / Ch’aska Cuba de Reed / Daniel Ray / Jaime Colley / Ilona Mutuku / Jack Milgate / Ada Lester / Lucie Lu / J.A. Gleeson / Charles Roper / T-Dog eXtreme / Madi Marston / Torsten Strokirch / Aedan Green / yolkmoose / Neek / Kartiya Ilardo

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