Voiceworks Subscribe-a-thon 2018

Voiceworks is a national literary journal featuring incredible art and writing from Australian storytellers aged 25 years and under. For the past thirty-five years, we’ve been supporting and uplifting Australian youth through initiatives of community building and storytelling.

Voiceworks is created through the work of our Editorial Committee, a team of emerging editors under the age of twenty-five. This autonomous space for young people is immeasurable, with our peer to peer feedback and creative collaboration filling a growing gap in the educational and arts sector.

Says Romy Ash, author of Floundering:

“Every Monday night for four years I volunteered for Voiceworks’ Editorial Committee. That room full of passionate writers was so important to me… and my writing was so much better for it.”

Voiceworks creates the invaluable opportunity for youth to work together critically and creatively, using storytelling as medium of community building, reflected in the words of Benjamin Law, author of Gaysia:

“[Voiceworks] was the only publication that gave me robust and professional editorial feedback through its editorial committee – a vital facility that continues to this day and is still utterly rare in the world of publishing.”

Our commitment to young storytellers is only deepening. With the launch of Voiceworks Online, we’re dedicated to strengthen hybrid forms of interactive fiction, hypertext writing, code poetry, bots and generative text works, writing with sound or video elements and full-colour comics or comics with animated elements.

But, we can’t exist without the support of our community. In order to continue paying our storytellers and printing four issues a year, we rely on subscribers and generous donations. Your $60 subscription will not only help us cover costs, but is proof of your investment in young Australian voices.

35 / 100 new subscribers

$60 for 1 year — 4 issues


As part of our 2018 Subscribe-A-Thon, everyone buying or renewing their print subscription to Voiceworks between 5 November and 23 November will go in the draw to win book packs, subscriptions and tickets to events from our favourite magazines, organisations and festivals.

As one of the prizes, Autumn Royal will offer her experience as a poet and editor to read over your writing and provide you with a manuscript assessment for poetry and/or prose. A manuscript assessment is a process that involves working with an experienced writer who will offer comprehensive feedback on your work and support you throughout your stages of writing. Autumn is a poet and researcher currently teaching in the department of writing and literature at Swinburne University of Technology. Autumn’s poetry and criticism have appeared in publications such as Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry, Rabbit Poetry Journal, Overland, Southerly, Mascara Literary Review and TEXT Journal. Autumn is interviews editor for Cordite Poetry Review and is author of the poetry collection She Woke & Rose. (Don’t have a manuscript in formation – don’t panic – this service will be on offer for up to 12 months or at a time negotiated and Autumn is open to guiding you through the process of getting started.)

$60 for 1 year — 4 issues