Winners and Shortlistees of the Deakin University Nonfiction Prize


The winner of the 2013 Scribe Nonfiction Prize was both Briohny Doyle for I Don’t Know and Oliver Mol for 34 Memories From Growing Up in Texas

Shortlisted writers included:

  • Elizabeth Bryer – A Year in Peru
  • Anna Heyward – Editing Raymond Carver
  • Rafael S. W. – Get Rich Slow
  • Rosanna Stevens – White Ears and Whistling Duck


The winner of the 2014 Scribe Nonfiction Prize was Robbie Arnott for Birds and Knives and Not Talking About It. 

Shortlisted writers included:

  • Roz Bellamy – The Queerness of Marriage
  • Sian Campbell – Bleach
  • Sam George-Allen – Adult Industry
  • Rebecca Harkins-Cross – The Shadow of the Rock
  • Patrick Lenton – Will You Look At All These Things?
  • Sam Twyford-Moore – High or Low


The winner of the 2015 Scribe Nonfiction Prize was Patrick Mullins for A Liberal View. 

Shortlisted writers included:

  • Emma Marie Jones – Something To Be Tiptoed Around Until It Goes Away
  • Clem Moriscot – In My Own Tongue 
  • Zoya Patel – Match Fixing
  • Drew Rooke – Machine Highs 
  • Samantha van Zweden – Eating With My Mouth Open


The winner of the 2016 Scribe Nonfiction Prize was Deserae Horswood for My parents ashes are in the boot of my car. 

Shortlisted writers included:

  • Jamie-Lee Dwyer – Zig-Zag (part two)
  • Louise Jaques – Go Gentle
  • Ellena Savage – Blueberries
  • Anna Jacobson – How to Knit a Human
  • Katerina Bryant – A Pig in Mud
  • Phoebe Tully – Let Them Eat Kale
  • Anastasia Kanjere – The Lighted Door: A Memoir of Love and Fear
  • Michelle Balogh – Shan-Yi
  • Lech Blaine – iGrief
  • Emily Clements – The Lotus Eaters
  • Sam Robertson – Containing Multitudes
  • Ronnie Scott – Sights
  • Bert Spinks – On a Hasty Journey Across Iceland


The winner of the 2017 Scribe Nonfiction Prize was Lur Alghurabi for Letters from the Grave. 

Shortlisted writers included:

  • Sian Campbell – Harriet and the Aliens
  • Vivian Wei – The Chinese Menu for the Afterlife
  • Christopher Bryant – The Repetition Compulsion
  • Nicola Nixon – Skinless
  • Michael Dulaney – The Prisoners of Colour
  • Amaryllis Gacioppo – A Partial Palermo Street Directory
  • Lou Heinrich – In the Name of the Mother
  • Kate Simonian – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Stalker
  • Claire Lowe – Excess Skin
  • Bastian Phelan – Still Fierce
  • Toby Fehily – It’s Not An Aircraft


The winner of the 2018 Scribe Nonfiction Prize was Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn for The Invisible Sea. 

Shortlisted writers included:

  • Madison Griffiths – Her Body as in an Empty Space
  • Vito Rinaldi – The Jumper
  • Georgia Mill – The Body in Line
  • Jessie Berry-Porter – If I Were To Draw A Line Between Bodies It Would Look Like This
  • Adalya Nash Hussein – Reading
  • Courtney McMahon – On Gender and the Colour Blue
  • Georgia Phillips – Holocene: A Short Story
  • Ana Maria Gomides – What luck, what a fucking curse: on looking and being looked at in my light skin


The winner of the 2019 Deakin University Nonfiction Prize was Olivia De Zilva for Let’s Eat 食飯!

Shortlisted writers included:

  • Kat Capel – work & love
  • Oliver Reeson – Someone who is sensitive to pain
  • Jonno Revanche – Friends of Charlene: The saintlike engineering of Kylie Minogue’s creative catalogue, anti-effeminate respectability, and defacto metropolis maternity princesses
  • Danielle Scrimshaw – Be Gay, Do Crime: Or, The Ballad of Catherine and Ellen
  • Jim Thomas – 15,000 Roentgen
  • Dženana Vucic – A Teleology of Folding, and of Dying
  • Yen-Rong Wong – I can’t talk to my mum about sex


The winner of the 2021 Deakin University Nonfiction Prize was Carly Stone for A Fox Runs Out of a Bush, Jumps in the Air, and Disappears.

Shortlisted writers included:

  • LinLi Wan – What’s For Dinner Tonight?
  • Suri Matondkar – Selfish
  • Shu-Ling Chua – Shades of Longing
  • Mark Mariano – Eight Butterflies (walong paruparo)
  • Eva Addinsall – Two Histories and a Seedling
  • Maddie Godfrey – Having A Body Has Always Been About Reaching
  • Millie Baylis – Buying flowers for someone who wants to die
  • Tiia Kelly – Becoming the Popstar of Self-Care