Voiceworks in the Classroom

We believe that young people reading the published work of their peers is a powerful act. It expands their sense of potential and can be the galvanising force needed to put their own pens to paper.

As a Schools Member, you’ll receive a quarterly print edition of Voiceworks, as well as gain access to exclusive lesson plans developed in accordance with the Australian Curriculum and teaching resources that are relatable, challenging and motivating for your students.


To kickstart the bright writing future of your students, sign up for an Express Media Schools Membership for only $75 a year. 

Membership Includes:

  • A subscription to our quarterly schools enewsletter packed full of the latest writing and publication opportunities for students
  • A PDF version of Voiceworks delivered to your email inbox each quarter
  • A print edition of Voiceworks delivered to your school each quarter
  • A copy of teacher resource kits produced throughout the year

Check out a sample of our teacher resource kits here.


Contact our General Manager at generalmanager@expressmedia.org to sign up today.