Voiceworks #92 Thing

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Voiceworks is an Australian literary journal, published quarterly by Express Media, featuring and produced entirely by people under the age of twenty-five. For thirty years, we’ve provided young writers with space to develop, experiment and publish their work. Voiceworks Issue #92, ‘Thing’, brings you more of the best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics and visual art by young Australians.

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Inside Voiceworks #92 you’ll find stories about two little fishes, a father wrapped in wool and musings about flies. Poetry of silhouettes becoming blueprint, detectives contemplating marriage and graveyards (but like, good poetry about graveyards). Nonfiction exploring gender, mysterious red chillies and what it’s like to be a white guy who really wants to ‘get’ hip-hop. Visual art and comics that will melt your brain in a way you know you want it to.

Featuring: Adrian Moore / Amy Kidd / Audrey Tan / Brendan McDougall / Chelsey O’Brien / Daniel White / David C. Mahler / Dominic Stevenson / Ellen van Neerven-Currie / Jake Dennis / Jessica Tan / Jo Rosochodski / Joel Ephraims / Krishan Coupland / Louise Millar / Maryam Tayyaba/ Matilda Hutchinson / Matthew Dunn / Matthew Sheppard / Michael Collins/ Minka Svarcs / Naomi Sarah Armstrong / Peta Roebuck / Phelon Manski / Raeden Richardson / Roxanne Colk / Sam Sperring / Scott Ford / Sophie Overett / V. Ruston / William Ernest / Zenobia Frost

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