Voiceworks #130 Doll


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This issue interrogates dolls as commodity, as plaything, as nostalgia. Em Readman explores ‘little treat culture’ and its links to economic precarity in their essay The Prodigal Son(ny Angels). A matryoshka doll is at the centre of a father-daughter relationship in Kalliste Hardy’s rhythmic story Baba Rhymes with Babushka. Ava Jean plays with ballet dancers in their visual poem Coppélia, and Indigo Colquhoun explores the class symbolism of dolls in their comic Eviction Notice. The issue is tied together with a suite of illustrations by Kitman Yeung, a dreamy cover by Tereza Ljubic and Cecile Richard’s phenomenal design.

Featuring: Tereza Ljubicic / Kitman Yeung / Yuna Yamasaki / Kalliste Hardy / Charles Roper / Laura Strøbech / Shivani Prabhu / Caroline Zijing / Rishabh Bhargava / Indigo Bailey / Danielle J. France / Indigo Colquhoun / Ava Nunan / Melissa Dineli Bandara / Em Readman  / Sharyn Sale / Sienna Rendace / Amélie Jean Staff / Ava Jean / Chloe Randazzo / slowdairy / caitlin fox / Andy Kovacic

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