Voiceworks #121 Root


Voiceworks is an Australian literary journal, published quarterly by Express Media, featuring and produced entirely by people under the age of twenty-five. For thirty years, we’ve provided young writers with space to develop, experiment and publish their work. Voiceworks Issue #120, ‘Divine’, brings you more of the best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics and visual art by young Australians.

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In ‘Root’, you will find knitted boyfriends, flooded apartments and regret-filled werewolves. You will find work that integrates pain surveys, work that mimics online bakery reviews and work that references Sarah Ahmed and Stardew Valley in the space of a single page. You will find a stunning cover by the painter Clare Wigney, which blends digital bitmap style imagery with imperfect brushstrokes. You will find intimate illustrations by Joyce Cheng, who captures not only the imagery, but somehow the physical texture of each piece she worked on.

This feast is all tied together by the amazing work of our designer, Selena Repanis.

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