Voiceworks #119 Butter


Voiceworks is an Australian literary journal, published quarterly by Express Media, featuring and produced entirely by people under the age of twenty-five. For thirty years, we’ve provided young writers with space to develop, experiment and publish their work. Voiceworks Issue #119, ‘Butter’, brings you more of the best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics and visual art by young Australians.

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Butter is bursting with brilliant writing and art from talented young people.

In Butter you will find fiction about calves, whales and golem. You will read essays that use history to understand the present and that champion suburban pools. You will find poems from yearning cowboys and Taiwanese frogs; poems that believe in love and that examine its aftermath.

All this is wrapped up in a gorgeous cover by Claudia Chew, with illustrations by ppdans.

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