Voiceworks #115 Goth


Voiceworks is an Australian literary journal, published quarterly by Express Media, featuring and produced entirely by people under the age of twenty-five. For thirty years, we’ve provided young writers with space to develop, experiment and publish their work. Voiceworks Issue #115, ‘Goth’, brings you more of the best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics and visual art by young Australians.

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From literary gothic to modern pop culture goth, this issue has it all!

Goth’s cover features a beautiful illustration of a Barghest by Reimena Yee, and strange and creepy creatures abound inside its pages as well. A boy spits out a mysterious bird in Charles Pidgeon’s short story ‘Hym’. Carly Stone faces off with a cockroach in their essay ‘A sentence is a power struggle’. A human runs with Tasmanian devils in ppdans’ comic ‘Dieman’. And swarms of talking spiders, moths, roaches and rats visit a giant feast in David Farran’s simultaneously lush and gross fiction ‘A Feast’.

Inside Goth you’ll also find lots of ghosts, witches and vampires, a discussion of whiteness and goth aesthetics, meditations on death and loss, poetry that blends text with ASCII art, and a passionate twelve-page essay on what exactly makes The Veronicas so good.

This issue is filled with beautiful art and illustrated by the very talented Shae San Sim. As usual the gorgeous design is all thanks to our designer Michael Sun.

Featuring: Melissa Bandara / Ryan Bautista / Jennifer Briguglio / Jocelin Chan / Michael Chirgwin / Sophia Di Mattina / Zachary Durian / Maz Dyer / Juanita Ebbs / David Farran / Sarah Fegan / Tessa Flemming / Lou Garcia-Dolnik / Riley Hammond / Carolyn Huane / Ida Ioannou-Marsh / Saanjana Kapoor / Charles Pidgeon / ppdans / Michelle Prezioso / Valeria Schlosberg / Carly Stone / Teodora / Courtney Thomson / Caitlin Wilson / Emily Wotherspoon

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