Voiceworks #110, Immunity


Voiceworks is an Australian literary journal, published quarterly by Express Media, featuring and produced entirely by people under the age of twenty-five. For thirty years, we’ve provided young writers with space to develop, experiment and publish their work. Voiceworks Issue #110, ‘Immunity’, brings you more of the best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics and visual art by young Australians.

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‘Immunity’ is resistant to the hype, doing its work invisibly in the dark of night to bring you the good stuff. Inside its pages you’ll find seahorse-shaped poems, stories on never-ending car rides, and comics exploring gender in outer space. Keep reading and you’ll meet anti-manic-pixie-dream girls, the HOTTEST RUSSIAN BABES ON YOUR STREET and, of course, a rooster called Giovanni.

All these literary treats are bundled up in eye-meltingly beautiful cover art by Lee Lai, with internal illustrations by urbigfrog.

Enjoy getting stuck into Voiceworks #110, ‘Immunity’.

Featuring: A Franics / Abigail Fisher / Alex Griffin / Brianna Bullen / Brigit Annie Lambert / Claudia Chew / Edie Bush / Eliza Janssen / Ellen O’Brien / Emma Hardy / Georgia Angus / Jack Callil / Jack Cameron Stanton / Joey Bui / Kareena Dhaliwal / Lee Lai / Lewis-Alan Trathen / Madeleine Hickey / Madeline Bailey / mamo / Pallavi Daniel / Raelee  Lancaster / Rhea Bhagat / Riley Hammond / Rosie Murrell / Samuel Beatty / Sean West / urbigfrog

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