26 November 2021

Voiceworks Edcommer Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn is #HereForStories

As a part of our #HereForStories campaign, Chapter Two: Our Noble Heroes introduces the people who make the work Express Media and Voiceworks do possible; our lovely team!

We sat down with Voiceworks Edcommer Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn to ask her about her work and why she sees value in what we do.

1. Why did you join the Voiceworks team?

I joined Edcomm because Voiceworks was my first & best editing experience EVER, and I wanted to learn how to collaboratively shape a piece of writing with a team of amazing editors.

2. What do you like most about your work with Voiceworks?

  1. The editing process. Voiceworks isn’t really cut and dry editing and publishing! It shows a dedication to editing as a process in itself rather than a means towards an end or finished product, although of course we always want to have a beautiful piece at the end. VW is about taking chances and building skills as much as producing brilliant writing.
  2. Getting to meet other nerds who are also into writing and reading. Voiceworks and Express Media are a community of amazing beans with so much verve and knowledge and fiery meme game. I’ve looked forward to Edcomm zooms every week, even in lockdown when my zoom saturation has been at its peak, so that tells you something!
  3. Pickles the cat. What can I say, she gives me life.

3. What do you see as the most valuable aspect of your work with Voiceworks?

The most valuable aspect of my work to me I think is seeing young writers realise oh! I can actually do that! or in a workshop when someone speaks up and says oh! I have something to say about that actually! The process of working collaboratively with other young writers who are starting off on their journey and seeing how their work evolves is very rewarding.

4. Outside of your work with Voiceworks, what do you do and what do you like to do?

At the moment I’m caring for my elderly grandmother and doing lots of writing and reading and volunteering for climate organisations, all of which are things I like to do, so I consider myself pretty lucky in that regard.

5. How has your involvement with Voiceworks benefited you or your community?

Oh man, where would I even be without you guys? HAHA. I honestly have no idea. Voiceworks was the first time I ever published something and got paid for it – an essay that remains very close to my heart – and Express Media ran the first prize I was ever awarded that led to so many other opportunities. And now Voiceworks is coming to my home state to do a launch, so they’re benefitting my community there by providing a space for young writers to get together and hear each other’s stories. Gtg now tearing up haha…


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