18 May 2023

In conversation: Industry Guest Livestreams

We are excited to announce that alongside the Season 1 Toolkits program, Express Media will be presenting a series of free livestream events that will explore concepts and approaches towards Fiction, Nonfiction and Digital Storytelling!

Each program facilitator will be conversation with industry experts and artists, helping writers navigate craft and practice, creating meaningful work, and navigating the publishing process.

These sessions will be available to everyone, and can be watched live or afterwards as a recording on our Youtube Channel.

From Draft to Page: Editing and Publishing with Suzy Garcia

How does fiction get published? How can early writers navigate the publishing industry? Join us as we sit down with Suzy Garcia, editor of Kill Your Darlings magazine and series editor of the New Australian Fiction anthology. Suzy will demystify the work of publishing and editing fiction. We’ll cover practical tips about developing fiction for publication, the submissions and commissions process from an editor’s perspective, the editorial process itself, and ways writers can overcome barriers to publication and sustain longevity in their careers.

Facilitated by Annie Zhang | Tue 30th May @ 6pm


Worlds in Formation: Imagination and Technique with Grace Chan 

What does it mean to imagine a fictional world? How can we build a strong writing practice? Is ‘genre’ just a marketing tool, or does it mean something more? Join us as we take a deep dive into fiction craft and practice with Grace Chan, author of Every Version of You. We’ll explore the imaginative – the process of creating new worlds, and the generative possibilities of speculative fiction. We’ll also cover the technical aspects of writing including atmosphere, character, emotion, and more.

Facilitated by Annie Zhang | Wed 31st May @ 6pm


World-building Through Games with Naphtali Faulkner

How can we build new worlds in games, and how in turn do games help us envision new worlds? In this industry expert Q&A we speak with Naphtali Faulkner, Ngai Te Rangi game designer behind the award-winning Umurangi Generation, to discuss world-building approaches in games, navigating the games industry, and imagining other futures through storytelling.

Facilitated by Rory Green | Tuesday 27 June @ 6pm


Being Normal Online: Experimenting with digital absurdism with Vidya Rajan

How does humour work online? What does it take to be funny and say something meaningful through digital stories? Is shitposting art? We sit down with writer and performer Vidya Rajan to look at how to work within the warped logic of meme and platform culture to make thoughtful and experimental creative work.

Facilitated by Rory Green | Wednesday 28 June @ 6pm 


Stay tuned for more info on the Toolkits: Live Nonfiction sessions with Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh and Micaela Sahhar!