8 January 2020

The 2020 National Editors and Writers Conference program is LIVE!

The National Editors and Writers Conference (NEWS) is an annual two-day event presented by Express Media for students editors, publishers and contributors across Australia. This year, The NEWS Conference will be presented on January 27 and 28 on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation in Melbourne.

We have an incredible line up of workshops, keynotes, exercises and more. Check it out below!


Registration | 8.30am – 9.00am

So, What’s a Student Editor Anyway? | 9.00am – 9.30am
You’ve got your chair, desk and computer but now what? Join Express Media’s Creative Producer Beth Atkinson-Quinton to unpack the role of a student editor, meet your network of peers and their publications, and set your goals for the year ahead.

Media Futures: Opening Address by Nayuka Gorrie | 9.30am – 10.30am
What does the future of the Australian media landscape look like? How can it reflect this country’s people, culture, and values? How are technological transformations and social media impacting the way we create, share and consume media? Join Gunai/Kurnai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta writer Nayuka Gorrie to kickstart The 2020 National Editors and Writers Conference. Be prepared to interrogate the flaws in this country’s current media structures, systems, and practices, before we imagine an equitable and ethical future industry, from the individual journalist to the organisational empire.

#Breaking: Reporting 101 (newbies) | 10.30am – 12.00pm
Journalism is the bread and butter of many student publications, and they say you have to know the rules in order to break them, so come learn from the best. If you’ve never written a lede, join Osman Faruqi (Schwartz Media) this workshop to unpack the basics of finding, writing, and dealing with the important stories for your publication.


#Breaking: Reporting 102 (aficionados) | 10.30am – 12.00pm
If you have more by-lines than fingers and are across journalism 101, join Bhakthi Puvanenthiran (ABC Life) to upskill your reporting techniques with an advanced workshop for reporters wanting to refine and polish their craft.

Lunch | 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Even Santa Comes With a Clause: Media Law & Ethical Reporting | 1.00pm – 2.00pm
From defamation, to copyright, to the ethics of being a fair and equitable journalist, Dr Josie Vine (RMIT) shares the ins and outs of how to not get sued or fired by student politicians and your readers.

Spilling the Tea: Opinion Pieces & Commentary | 2.00pm – 3.00pm
From writing about unethical organizations and strangers, through to writing about family and friends, how do you navigate the ethics and the role of research when writing op-eds and commentary? Timmah Ball shares ways to think about representation, voice and what to consider during the editing process.


The Library is Open: Arts & Cultural Coverage | 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Rave review or just raving? Join Andy Butler to learn how to write, commission and edit arts reviews across film, theatre, visual art, dance, music, books and comedy. This workshop focuses on structure and language, and how to discern the insightful from the inarticulate.

Afternoon Tea | 3.00pm – 3.30pm

How to Herd Cats: Managing Teams | 3.30pm – 4.30pm
On a team with your best mate or complete stranger? Asking your talented friends to contribute? Running a publication can involve managing a lot of people, agendas and aspirations. Learn how to constructively manage and work with a team of editors and writers with Express Media’s CEO and General Manager Lucy Hamilton and keep your editorship conflict-free.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Day 1 Reflections | 4.30pm – 5.00pm
Whether you’re taking part in your student publication because it’s fun or because it’s a practice run for heading a media empire, editing student media gives you a lot of practical real-world skills. Join Express Media’s Communication whiz, Jes Layton, to reflect on the day gone by. Breaking off into smaller groups, each person shares some key takeaways from the first jam-packed day.

Ooo hey! Dinner & Drinks | 5.00pm onwards
Grab a bite and bev to celebrate the end of the first day of The 2020 National Editors and Writers Conference.



Registration | 8.30am – 9.00am

Literary Speed Dating | 9.00am – 9.30am
With student editors in the room from right across the country, get ready to swap mags and swap numbers. You are each other’s strongest asset with so much to learn from your fellow editors. Find someone you don’t know and take them on a cute literary date. In a rapid-fire session, we flip the tables and you become the experts. Learn about other publications – their structures, audiences, teams, and goals. Facilitated by Jes Layton, get ready to meet your fellow literary dreamboat. So pucker up and get ready to pitch your magazine and come home with a few new mags.

Editing as exploration, interrogation and celebration of the Asian-Australian Experience: Opening Address by Leah Jing McIntosh | 9.30am – 10.30am
What does it take to create a publication from the ground up? What does an editorship mean to the communities you are accountable to? Liminal Magazine is an online space for the exploration, interrogation and celebration of the Asian-Australian Experience. Join Founder and Editor, Leah Jing McIntosh, as she unpacks the editorial processes involved in creating Liminal, and speaks to editing as an act of curation, cultural conservation, facilitation and community building.

Why is your Mag so sad? It has too many Issues: Managing a Publication | 10.30am – 11.30am
Join Adolfo Aranjuez (Archer) to look at the basics of editorial cycles and project management for print and online production. You’ll learn everything from scheduling and deadlines, to following a style-guide, managing a team of editors and writers, and dealing with a printer.

Stop. Grammar Time: Editing 101 | 11.30am – 12.30am
If you make a mistake in print, it’s there forever. Join Hella Ibrahim (Djed Press) as she delves into the nuts and bolts of editing, teaching you how to master language for publication, outline the different stages of editing, explain why proofreaders are your bffs, and guide you through best practice for editing new writers.


Internet = Friend: Engaging with Strangers | 11.30am – 12.30am
Building connections with audiences and communities online can be an important part, even the most important part, of doing what you’ve set out to do with your publication or project. So: how do you define your goals, measure how you’re doing, and generate interest and participation while retaining your voice and your values? The Wheeler Centre’s senior digital editor, Jon Tjhia, takes you through some of the why – and how – of creating meaningful interactions on different platforms.

Lunch | 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Get With The Times (New Roman): Working With a Designer | 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Kerning, CMYK, left justified…lost yet? Juliette Younger (Gusher) guides you through the basics of graphic design for print and online publications, and gives you practical advice for working with those mythical creatures: graphic designers.

Crop It Like It’s Hot: Graphic Design for Student Media (newbies) | 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Need to layout a magazine, edit artwork, input changes, or export a file for the printer? If you’re taking your first steps into design and are mildly terrified, join Laura La Rosa (Blak Brow) to learn the basics of graphic design for print and online publications and get familiar with InDesign.


Crop It Like It’s Hot: Graphic Design for Student Media (aficionados) | 2.30pm – 3.30pm
For experienced users of InDesign, or if you’re in charge of your magazine’s design, join Lachlan Siu (Nura) to level-up to the next stage and get your publication ready for distribution.

Industry Insight: Afternoon Tea with the Pros | 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Do you have a burning question? Or, something you need to get off your chest? Come have afternoon tea with student editor alumni, current professional editors and industry experts that have been there. Pick their experienced brains, and ask questions of other publications. They will share how they translated skills into the work they wanted and what they wish they’d known when editing student media. Grab a tea, and pull up a chair and hear from some of the best: Maddison Connaughton (The Saturday Paper), Liz Flux (Ex-Voiceworks, Ex-On Dit), Lujayn Hourani (The Lifted Brow), Zoe Kingsley (The Suburban Review), Millie Baylis (Visible Ink), Lucy Hamilton (Express Media), and Mira Schlosberg (Voiceworks, Ex-Arna, Ex-Honit Soit).

Mic Drop: Day 2 Reflections | 4.30pm – 5.00pm
That’s all folks! This is time for thank-yous, a time to reflect, to exchange numbers and to look to the year ahead.



Nayuka Gorrie | @NayukaGorrie
Nayuka Gorrie is a Kurnai/Gunai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri, and Yorta Yorta writer. Gorrie’s work explores black, queer and feminist politics. They wrote and performed in season three of Black Comedy. In 2018 they were named as a Wheeler Centre Next Chapter recipient, and are currently working on a book of essays.

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran | @bhakthi
Bhakthi Puvanenthiran is editor of ABC Life. Previously, she was managing editor of Crikey, covering politics and the media as well as a journalist and editor at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald reporting on arts, entertainment and business. Bhakthi co-hosted the podcast Hard Bargain (Fairfax Media). Her career began at the National Young Writers’ Festival and Melbourne Writers’ Festival and she has previously judged the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Literature (nonfiction) twice. Bhakthi is a regular media commentator and keynote speaker.

Leah Jing McIntosh | @_leahleahleah
The founding editor of LIMINAL magazine, Leah Jing McIntosh focuses on elevating the Asian-Australian identity in the arts and media sectors. Since 2017, Leah has published over 120 interviews with Asian-Australian creatives, initiated the Liminal Fiction Prize for Writers of Colour, and collaborated with The New York Times, the Melbourne Writers Festival, Australian National University, amongst other organisations, to promote the work of Asian-Australian creatives.

She is on the strategic advisory group for UNESCO Melbourne City of Literature; she has been a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk fellow, an FCAC Emerging Cultural Leader, a participant in the Signal Young Creatives Lab. In 2019, Leah is one of four Victorian nominees for the Young Australian of the Year, and was named as one of the 40 under 40 most influential Asian-Australians by Asialink.

Adolfo Aranjuez | @adolfo_ae
Adolfo Aranjuez is editor of Metro, Australia’s oldest film and media periodical. He is also consulting editor of Liminal and subeditor of Screen Education; former editor-in-chief of Archer and deputy editor of Voiceworks; and a freelance writer, speaker and dancer. Adolfo’s essays and poetry have appeared in Meanjin, Right Now, The Lifted Brow, Overland, The Manila Review, Cordite and elsewhere, and he has worked with and performed for various festivals and organisations, including the Melbourne Writers Festival, the Jaipur Literature Festival, Midsumma, ABC TV, the Melbourne and Adelaide film festivals, The Wheeler Centre, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Dance Massive and NIDA. http://adolfoaranjuez.com

Osman Faruqi | @oz_f
Osman Faruqi is the editor of 7am, Schwartz Media’s daily news podcast.
He was previously the deputy editor of ABC Life and an award-winning reporter with the ABC’s flagship audio documentary program, Background Briefing. He also hosts The Mix, the ABC’s arts and culture TV program and was formerly Junkee Media’s news and politics editor.
He has judged the Walkley Awards and the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and sat on the board of FBi Radio. He’s currently writing a book about race-relations in Australia, due out with Penguin in 2021.

Timmah Ball
Timmah Ball is a non-fiction writer whose work is influenced by working across urban planning, zine making, and other creative forms. She grew up in Birrarung-ga /Melbourne but her heritage is Ballardong Noongar from Western Australia on her mother’s side. In 2016, she won the Westerly Magazine Patricia Hackett Prize and has written for a range of publications including Cordite, Un Magazine, The Lifted Brow, Meanjin, The Griffith Review, Going Down Swinging and other anthologies. 

Lujayn Hourani | @jul4yn
Lujayn Hourani is a queer Palestinian writer and editor who uses multiple narrative forms to dissolve time and space. Lujayn is Online co-Editor of The Lifted Brow and has been published by Overland, The Lifted Brow, Meanjin, Going Down Swinging, Voiceworks, and Djed Press.

Hella Ibrahim | @djed_press
Hella Ibrahim is an editor with a passion for activism through writing and publishing. She is the founder and editorial director of Djed Press, an online publication that provides a paid platform for creators of colour. Photo by Husny Thalib.

Jon Tjhia | @PaperRadio
Jon Tjhia is a radio maker, musician, artist and writer. He’s the co-founder of the podcast Paper Radio, the co-editor of the Australian Audio Guide, and the Wheeler Centre’s senior digital editor. Since 2010, Paper Radio’s stories have aired on radio stations around the anglosphere, been played at Manchester Literature Festival and danced to at the Barbican Centre, and profiled in the New Yorker and the Age. Jon’s Wheeler Centre projects include the podcasts Better Off Dead and the multi-award winning series The Messenger, large-scale interactive projects like #Discuss and 20 Questions, and the digital publication Notes.

Maddison Connaughton | @madconnaughton
Maddison Connaughton is the editor of The Saturday Paper. She has been twice-nominated for the Walkley Award for Young Australian Journalist of the Year for her reporting on the Syrian War and the Australian criminal justice system. Her work has also appeared in VICE News, SBS, Monocle, Vox, The Australian, The Age and more.

Andy Butler | @AndyRay87
Andy Butler is a writer, curator and artist. His writing on art and politics has appeared in The Saturday Paper, The Monthly, Overland, Art + Australia and more. He has exhibited his own work locally and nationally and has undertaken writer and artist residencies in Australia and overseas. Andy has previously appeared at Melbourne Writers Festival, Emerging Writers Festival and Jakarta Writer’s Series. He is the Program Curator at West Space. Headshot by Leah Jing McIntosh

Mira Schlosberg | @miraschlosberg
Mira Schlosberg is a writer, comics artist and editor whose work focuses on spirituality, ecology, lesbianism and pop music. Mira is the editor of Voiceworks and the author of Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality, available through Glom Press.

Elizabeth Flux | @ElizabethFlux
Elizabeth Flux is a freelance writer and editor based in Melbourne, Australia. Her fiction and nonfiction work has been widely published. In 2019 she was shortlisted for the Liminal Prize, the Fair Australia Prize and the Rachel Funari Prize, and longlisted for the Peter Carey Short Story Award. Her fiction has been published in multiple anthologies.She is a past editor of Voiceworks, On Dit, and Melbourne City of Literature’s Reading Victoria, was a convening judge for the 2020 and 2019 Premier’s Literary Awards and is a past recipient of a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship. https://elizabethflux.com/

Lucy Hamilton | @LucyAHamilton
Lucy Hamilton is the General Manager and CEO of Express Media. Previously, Lucy was the Partnerships Coordinator at Regional Arts Victoria. She has held voluntary roles with Multicultural Arts Victoria and the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, and worked as a stage manager and production manager in the United Kingdom. Lucy is on the Management Committee of TLB Society Inc. 

Laura La Rosa | @laura_la_rosa_
Laura La Rosa is a proud Darug woman, a Melbourne-based graphic designer, writer, emerging critic and the founder of creative comms agency, Woolf Communications. Laura produces creative for small corporates, start-ups, and the arts sector. She was appointed as the head and sole graphic designer for the First Nations Edition of The Lifted Brow, Blak Brow Magazine. She is currently in the early stages of post-graduate cultural studies at the University of Melbourne. Laura has contributed to SBS, Kill Your Darlings, Eureka Street and FBi Radio’s All The Best. She is Running Dog’s inaugural First Nations Emerging Critic.

Juliette Younger | @julietteyounger
Juliette Younger is a graphic designer, editor and communications professional based in Melbourne. She is the Co-founding Editor, Art Director and Designer for Gusher, an annual rock magazine created by women and non-binary people. Her passion for bold print design and branding has seen Gusher establish a recognised, international magazine brand in its few short years of existence. Gusher currently sits on shelves in both the Tate Modern and MoMA PS1 bookstores, and recently received two nominations in the Stack Magazine Awards. In addition to her design work, Juliette also works in publicity for a record label.

Dr Josie Vine
Dr Josie Vine has been teaching and researching in the RMIT Journalism Program since 2006. Her particular interests are in Journalism history and culture, the development of journalism’s ethical value and belief systems, and legislation and regulation of the journalism industry. She completed her PhD in 2009, and is currently writing a book on the history of journalistic freedom in Australia for Palgrave Macmillan & another on Newsrooms in Australia & the UK, in conjunction with Salford University’s Dr Carole O’Reilly for  Routledge Publishers.

Jes Layton | @AGeekWithAHat
Jes Layton invented writing, the airplane, and the internet. He was also the first person to reach the North Pole. A queer writer whose words and art can be found in Junkee, Voiceworks, The Victorian Writer, Enby Life, and elsewhere. Jes has presented at a variety of writer’s festivals around Australia unpacking queerness, pop culture and fandom online. Her short story ‘Chemical Expression’ was published in Underdog #LoveOzYA Short stories in 2019. More work and shenanigans @AGeekWithAHat

Zoe Kingsley | @suburbanreview1
Zoe Kingsley is a writer and collaborator based in Narrm/Melbourne. Her poetry and art writing can be read in journals such as Cordite Poetry Review, Rabbit, The Happy Hypocrite and Textual Practice. She is Deputy Editor (Poetry) at the quarterly digital journal The Suburban Review.

Millie Baylis | @MillieBaylis
Millie Baylis is a writer and editor based in Melbourne. In 2019 she was the managing editor of Visible Ink and a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk fellow. Her essays and memoir have recently appeared in Kill Your Darlings, Overland and The Victorian Writer.

Lachlan Siu
Lachlan Siu is a designer specialising in brand, publication and digital experiences. He has worked on projects for Fluff Casual Cosmetics, Sydney Opera House, Shepparton Art Museum and m.33 Publishing. He is currently the Design Lead at Nura and a freelance designer working with clients on brand and art direction. In 2017 he was shortlisted for NGV Cornish Family Prize for Art & Design Publishing. http://www.lachlansiu.com/

Bethany Atkinson-Quinton | @bethanyaq
Beth is a broadcaster, audio producer, writer and Co-Founder and Co-Director of podcast network Broadwave. Her audio documentaries have featured on multiple broadcasters, podcasts and arts exhibitions across Australia including ABC Radio National, FBi, Triple R, Arts Centre Melbourne, among others. She is the Creative Producer at Express Media, and hosts weekly storytelling program The Glasshouse on Triple R. Previously, she was a presenter and producer of The Breakfast Spread on PBS 106.7 as well as Victorian State Coordinator of All The Best. She is currently co-producing season 2 of Tender podcast which follows what happens when women leave abusive relationships.