Meet the young writers of Toolkits: Fiction for 2020!

Zoe Nay, 20, (Brisbane, QLD) Hello, my name is Zoe! If I had to give my life a three-word headline, it would be: Girl Asks Why. Why, you may ask, would that be your headline? Many important questions start with why. Why are you here? Why do you feel everything so intensely? Why not? When I write – whether […]

Meet the young writers of Toolkits: Fiction

We’re stoked to be finishing off Season One of Toolkits 2019 with 8 talented young writers from across Australia, participating in Toolkits: Fiction! In the programs fourth year, we received many applications, making the selection process a difficult one.  For 12 weeks, these young writers will be learning the ins and outs of creative writing […]