Day 14: NYWM Digest

It’s been a jam-packed second week of NYWM, but we have even more to come.

Day 7: Your Brain on Reading

It’s rare to find a writer that doesn’t read. We read for pleasure, for adventure, for learning and for love of lexical felicity. Perth writer and NYWM participant Alex Griffin poses another reason for reading in his article published last month in Overland ‘Reading for Reason‘, highlighting the value of reading widely, and reading out […]

Day 6: Bad Advice for Young Writers

Everyone has a golden rule when it comes to writing, but the habits of all great writers are different. Day 6 is looking at Bad Advice for Young Writers.

Spotlight On: Kaitlyn Plyley

  Kaitlyn is a writer, performer, and broadcaster living in Brisbane. Last year she presented her debut solo show Not Much To Tell You at Perth’s Fringe World and the Queensland Poetry Festival. She hosts Just A Spoonful, the podcast that is young and fully sick.         How old are you? 28 […]

Day 4: Your Backyard and Beyond

Day 4 of NYWM sees us checking out what’s happening in our own backyard and beyond, as well as checking out writing groups and book clubs.