26 October 2016

2016 Voiceworks Subscribe-a-thon


Express Media is excited to present the 2016 Voiceworks Subscribe-a-thon, a crowdfunding campaign designed to raise funds to cover the cost of publishing our flagship publication, Voiceworks in 2017 and attract new subscribers.

Running between November 2-26 we call upon our followers to support the campaign, to ensure Voiceworks remains in print for many years to come.

Earlier this year, Express Media was one of the arts organisations that lost their multi-year operational funding as a result of cuts to the Australia Council for the Arts.

Funding for arts organisations remains increasingly constrained and the future of Voiceworks is very much dependent on community support.

While our network of alumni, contributors, participants and followers is significant, sales of Voiceworks are currently low. As part of a strategy to improve our financial stability, we see the urgency of a crowdfunding campaign as a great opportunity to convert our supporters to subscribers and generate presales of the summer issue.

Voiceworks alumni Anwen Crawford said the magazine gave her “the glimmer of a future”.

Patrick Lenton described publication in Voiceworks as a “thunder and lightning moment of importance”.

To show your support for our organisation and the future of Voiceworks, there will be subscriptions and incentives available for purchase on our 2016 Voiceworks Subscribe-a-thon, crowdfunding campaign platform.

In addition, please feel welcome to attend the 2016 Express Media Fundraising Gala.

Express Media thanks you for your generosity and support!