27 May 2020

Welcoming our new Voiceworks Designer, Selena Repanis!


Express Media and Voiceworks are incredibly excited to announce that Selena Repanis has been appointed Voicework’s new designer! 

Selena Repanis is a graphic designer based in Melbourne/Narrm. She recently graduated from Monash University with First Class Honours in Communication Design, and works with her design studio Amici.

We are incredibly thrilled to have Selena join the team, and sat down for a chat to learn a little bit more about her.

1) What part about being the Voiceworks Designer are you most excited about?

To me, the Voiceworks Designer’s art direction should be influenced by the contributors of the magazine. I’m so excited to design this platform to host the work of such talented editors, writers, and artists and let it be a collaborative soup of thoughtful work.

2) As a designer, what do you like to create, what art attracts your attention and what do you like to read?

In my own work, I aim to make use of what exists and flip it around, repurposing assets, reusing and giving new meaning – constant reinvention! I like work that subtly references, has strong intentions, and challenges conventions of taste. 

To get inspiration, I love photographing waterfalls on my phone, drawing goblins, and watching James Charles on YouTube. Lately, I’ve been enjoying reading essays by Natasha Stagg, Hana Pera Aoake, and Akane Kanai.

3) What is something you hope to see from Voiceworks now you are a part of the team? What are some exciting things you want to do with Voiceworks?

I’m already inspired by the effort and genuine love that the editorial committee put into the publication. Something I’ve learnt very quickly is that the team behind Voiceworks is so devoted to putting together something with so much heart.

Primarily, in publication, graphic design should guide and support the reader. I’m a big fan of the way that publication design can provoke and challenge the reader, so maybe I’ll pull some tricks. 😉


We’re excited for Selena to take over for our current Voiceworks designer Michael. With our new Voiceworks duo of Adalya and Selena at the helm, we can’t wait to see what this next age of Voiceworks brings!