21 June 2019

Welcoming Jeanne Carlos as our new Voiceworks Intern!

Here at Express Media, we are so happy to welcome Jeanne Carlos to the team as our new Administration Intern for Voiceworks!

Jeanne Carlos (aka Jeanne Viray) is a Manila-born writer based in Melbourne. Her work has appeared in Voiceworks, DjedPress, F*EMSZINE, Monash University’s Verge: Uncanny, Lot’s Wife, and Incisors & Grinders. She is currently studying law and arts, and is working on more experimental writing and speculative fiction. She likes writing spec fic as a way to reflect (mostly) human experiences.

We had a little get-to-know-you with Jeanne before she starts her role with Voiceworks, and our To-Be-Read pile is all the more full for it!

1) What part about being the Voiceworks Administration Intern are you most excited about?

Getting a behind-the-scenes look at how publications work. Writers and readers mainly see the finished product, so I love knowing how everything came together and who works on which part of the process. The administration side is the complete opposite of the ‘creative, write anything’ side, and so far I’ve really enjoyed helping Mira and the team, and learning the best way to do everything. Working at the Wheeler Centre while the Emerging Writers’ Festival is happening is also amazing; there’s so much going on and so much to see.

2) Are you a writer/artist/editor yourself? What do you like to create, and what do you like to read?

I write under the name ‘Jeanne Viray’, and I also edit for my friends and as part of the Monash Creative Writers Club. I like writing different genres and playing around with form, seeing new ways and angles to tell old stories. Recently, I’ve been trying to read just about anything — I’ve got The Memory Artist(by Katherine Brabon), Inhuman (by Anna Dusk), and Verge: Uncanny on my to-read list. I’ve also been trying to read more poetry and short stories. When I went back to the Philippines over the summer, I collected a lot of literature and I highly recommend AA Patawaran’s HAI[NA]KU and other poems, and Dean Francis Alfar’s A Field Guide to the Roads of Manila and Other Stories.

3) What do you hope to do after your time with Voiceworks?

I hope to be able to contribute to the writing community more, whether that be within the larger Melbourne/Australian literature community or just among my friends and peers. While completing my undergrad, I hope to find more editorial opportunities too. Joining writing clubs, participating in programs, and submitting my work has really helped boost my confidence in my writing, but networking is always a bit daunting—so at the very least, I want to help foster a writing community among the writers and creators I know, so that people feel their brilliant work is seen and appreciated.

You can follow more of Jeanne’s work and see what she is up to on her website: https://specjv.home.blog/

The Voiceworks Internship is a 3-6 month volunteer role of 1 short day per week for someone under 25 who is interested in the administration side of arts and publishing.

Voiceworks is Express Media’s flagship publication, a national literary journal that features exciting new writing and art by young Australians twenty-five and under.