17 May 2019

Q & A with Kiara Lindsay, Voiceworks Intern

Ever thought you’d like to be part of the Voiceworks team? Here’s your chance! We are on the lookout for our next Intern interested in administration and publishing.

We spoke to Kiara Lindsay, our fantastic Voiceworks Intern, about what it was like to be a part of the Voiceworks team and what she is up to next!

How did you find the experience of being the Voiceworks Intern?

I loved being the intern at Voiceworks! I love organisation, admin and literature, so it was very satisfying for me. It was really fun to make the role my own and learn about all the admin that goes into Voiceworks as journal.

What are some of the things you learnt in your time as Voiceworks Intern?

I learnt a lot about what goes in to making a journal like Voiceworks. I discovered the importance of sensitivity when reading the work of some of the younger writers. I found it valuable to learn about the processes of getting in touch with young writers who may need help. I also learned a lot about efficiency and the importance of establishing strong administration processes to make everything run smoothly. 

What were some of your highlights of your experience?

I loved having the opportunity to read through submissions and fill out feedback sheets in the initial editorial process. It was interesting to see the range of voices that come through Voiceworks and to see the kind of feedback that the Editorial Committee gives. It was also nice to work in a small team and see how dedicated everyone is to the values of Voiceworks and Express Media. I particularly loved being able to go to events and see exactly what the outcome of all the work is – very satisfying! 

What are you doing now, and/or what’s next for you?

I am currently lucky enough to be one of the writers in residence at the Melbourne Recital Centre as part of the Emerging Writers Festival. I’ve just finished working on my first piece which is up on the Lifted Brow,  and I’ll be working on my next two pieces in the coming months as well as participating in the MRC x EWF event. I think by the time this goes on the socials, the EWF program will be online but I don’t have a link to it currently – the journal I run with Bridget Gilmartin called Inhabit is doing an issue with EWF. Very excited.

Any advice for people interested in applying for the role of Voiceworks Intern? 

Reflecting on my experience, I realise how quickly the internship got away from me. If I could do it again, I think I’d spend more time asking questions about the editorial process and perhaps even seeing if I could attend an EdComm meeting to satisfy my curiosity and understand the processes further.

You can follow more of Kiara’s work and see what she is up to on her website: http://www.kiaraelindsay.com/

The Voiceworks Internship is a 3-6 month volunteer role of 1 short day per week for someone under 25 who is interested in the administration side of arts and publishing. Applications close May 23. More info can be found here.