3 June 2012

Pelican Magazine Writers’ Meeting – Edition #5

The theme for the next edition of the University of Western Australia’s sauciest (and singular) student newspaper is Bacchanalia! This is what editor Josh Chiat has to say about the upcoming meeting on Thursday:

Back in the old days the devotees of Bacchus (the wine god in Greco-Roman mythology) used to feast, drink and enjoy theatre in the wildest most swingingest, super-festivals around.

Given the news lately, I think we should be embracing our ill-earned reputations, and spin up an edition for the start of second semester that the kids are really going to love. This is your opportunity to get wild, literate, expressive, joyful and, if you enjoy that kind of thing, take a look at the consequences of our hedonistic culture.

As always pizza and tidbits will be provided. This event is a must for anyone with the slightest impression of the creative in their bones: Writers (of any major, really, even Economists, barely), artists, photographers, food lovers (ask Yvonne), music appreciators, cinephiles, bookworms and arts freaks.

So come on down and join in the raucous ranks of the Pelican. Our Maenads are only kinda crazy.

Hurry to the Guild Council Room on the 2nd floor of the UWA Guild Building, Crawley, on Thursday June 7, 5.00pm – 8.00pm. Chaps of both genders and from all walks of life are welcome.