SMH Young Writer Award

Entries are now open for the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writers Award 2012. Submissions of 700-1,000 words from students in high schools from years 10-12 are accepted, with this year’s Young Writer Trigger of flight. Check out the website for guidelines, hints and tips. Entries close June 18, 2012.

2011 Express Media Awards Winners

Announcing the winners of the 2011 Express Media Awards Congratulations to the 2011 winners and finalists in each of the categories below. To see a video recording of the awards event, please click here. To read a free ebook featuring the winners of the competitions and publication categories below, please click here. Photos from the event are available on our Facebook page. Winner and […]

Growth of Perfection – Sharon Du

Growth of Perfection by Sharon Du (13) The first buds, awkward little calluses on The stringy branch, whispering winter Leaves rustle around them in quiet applause Gradually, they swell and bulge, their shell Breaking, straining around them Until they reveal technicolour Bright pink pigments, soft layers Sleeping bag spilling, unfurling Crystal dew studding pastel, pristine […]

Yasi at her finest – Rachel Harries

Yasi at her finest by Rachel Harries (17)     White ghosts in uniform Propel the washing line. The echo of Yasi’s wrath Whispers with some divine Gentleness that only the trees Can capture. A tinkling wind chime Long forgotten in branches Of a young child’s plaything. The slow breathing crunches Almost autumn leaves, Softening […]

Clouds – Hannah Walker

Clouds by Hannah Walker (17) Pistachio green cardigans invite seated contemplation. Spread out on the grass, the colours clashing like infant siblings. Sitting down gently, the cold of the ground seeps up through my clothes. Sitting, perfectly arranged, so that arms and body form a triangle with the ground. Sitting, breathing, wondering. Leaning, until I’m […]

He folded his belongings in the tangerine sunset – Meryl Perez

He folded his belongings in the tangerine sunset by Meryl Perez (20) My grandfather had fat calluses on his fingers and toes. His hands flexed into a skeleton of veins that were verdigris on his brass skin. He would wake up before the sun could tan the streets and would split the bursting seam of […]

auf wiedersehen spiegeltent – Zenobia Frost

auf wiedersehen spiegeltent by Zenobia Frost (24) 1. the circus is gone big top stripped to bone wide-load giraffe skeleton canters in smoke and hammers collapses collapses ghosts of their shimmering crushed into clay at first light we steal glances carnies disguised as men unravel canvas for one last act The Great Vanishment 2. we […]

Leaving a moribund behind – Anders Villani

Leaving a moribund behind by Anders Villani (22) Now turbid cooling towers and cliff-top chateaus flash by, now gluts of steam scud over my windscreen; the stone villas and bicycles, the rusted ships reposing in the yard, the fog in the foothills of Le Mugel – edifices called from screaming silence. Call me the lap […]

Melting Ice – Violet Macdonald

Melting Ice by Violet Macdonald (17) I didn’t even see the rope break. I suddenly felt myself plummet down the glacier, the icy wind rushing past my face. I fell through a break in the ice, planted precariously in the snow, and landed on a rough bed of fallen stalactites.  My head spun as it […]

Wake – Jessica Yu

Wake by Jessica Yu (17) And so you crept inside my house one day and said that you would stay. I said okay and lay down to sleep upon the floor. My bones sank but a heap of coat hangers and skin that followed close. I closed my eyes and did not wake till morning. […]