28 September 2015

NYWF 2015

Photo: Sarah-Jane Edis

National Young Writers’ Festival is right around the corner! Literally. The festival starts on Thursday!

We’re packing out bags and heading to Newcastle for this year’s National Young Writers’ Festival.  NYWF 2015 is the festival’s biggest ever: over 100 artists are contributing to 80 events, spread out over 4 massive days in the lovely city of Newcastle. Writers, artists and word-lovers alike are travelling from all around the country (and even overseas!) to join in the fun.

Not sure which fun to join in though? Well, we wanted to share some of our top picks of things you should do, people you should see and readings you should attend in sunny ol’ Newie. See ya there!


Up For Debate: Always Write What You Know

Our very own Voicework’s editor Elizabeth Flux debates whether we should tell the stories that we know or think outside the box when it comes to writing. Liz is joined by host Veronica Sullivan and fellow debaters Eli Glasman, Oliver Mol and Jessica Friedman to discuss this issue on Saturday night.


Digital Showcase

Are you interested in alternative forms of story-telling? These young writers are integrating the digital world with the written word in a series of interactive digital events, presentations and readings. Featuring Voicework’s deisgner Connor Tomas O’Brien!


The Ethics of Gonzo Journalism

Adam Curley, Connor Tomas O’Brien, Robert F. Coleman and Alice Workman discuss the lengths they are willing to go to ‘for the story’ and the responsibilities they’ve faced when writing outside of their own experiences.  How much of yourself is too much to put into a story?


On Madness and Writing

Featuring Voicework’s Editorial Committee member Vince Ruston, these writers break down mental health and the written word, discussing the stigma and romanticisation of mental illness in the writing community.


A Newcastle Story

In partnership with the Newcastle Museum, NYWF takes you on a trip into Newcastle’s history. These brilliant young storytellers will delve into the museum’s collections and dig up some fascinating tales of Newcastle past, present and future.


Women Kicking Arse

These awesome women are kicking goals in male dominated fields. Rap, comics, gaming, science fiction and comedy– these phenomenal women are talking all things writing and spilling the beans on how they’re succeeding in their fields. Featuring Georgina Chadderton, Faeza Lima, Natalie Tran, Lynette Noni and Katerina Bryant.


Photo: Alan Weedon



Member of our Voicework’s editorial committee, Jonno Revanche, hosts this forum: an opportunity for queer identifying writers to discuss anything they please; the issues affecting them, the changes they want to see in the writing community and the new season of Orange is the New Black.


Regional Writing

If you’re not in one of Australia’s eastern cultural capitals, you might as well pack up your typewriter and call it a day, right? Not so fast. These writers from Byron Bay, Tamworth, SA and remote NT are here to convince their regional peers that there’s no need to flee to Sydney or Melbourne just yet, and to convince their urban comrades to look beyond their own front doors and give regional writing a chance.


When the Internet Fails You

The internet has given us a lot of great stuff: cat memes, Wikipedia, pizza delivery. But it’s not always a safe space, especially not for writers. These writers discuss all the ways the internet has let them down – and how to deal when the trolls just won’t quit.


subbed in: XXL

Subbed in is a reading series from Sydney, bringing an XXL line-up to NYWF. Artists include Tahlia Chloe, Oliver Mol, Romy Durrant, Holly Isemonger, Emma Marie Jones, Patrick Lenton, Alex Griffin, Kat Giles, Sevana Ohandjanian,Emma Rayward, Stacey Teague, Dan Hogan, David Tran, Mike Day and more.


Enchantment Under The Sea Ball

Let’s be honest, this is what we’re all most excited for. Break out those mermaid and lobster costumes, or dress up like Marty McFly circa 1955, for a fantastic evening of fun, writer-ly company, drinks and zany costumes. Featuring DJ sets from Kaitlyn Plyley, AH Cayley and Chloe Escott, Alex Bennetts and Brodie Lancaster.

For more information on National Young Writers’ Festival, you can visit their website. Be sure to keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagramduring the festival. See you there!


Photo: Sarah-Jane Edis