17 May 2022

Meet the young creators of Parliament Express!

Fortnightly workshops and guest speaker sessions will be combined with one-on-one mentoring for participants to build their skills in proofreading, editing and pitching work for publication, with opportunity for each participant to publish up to two pieces of writing on Parliament of Victoria’s blog at the program’s conclusion.

For more information on Parliament Express visit our website.

But for now, say hello to the Parliament Express class of 2022!

Callum McNaught (23), Cathryn Langley (22), Chelsea Daniel (20), Ellie Claringbold (30), Emily Clements (29), Emma Ussing (26), Jamileh Hargreaves (30), Jiahao Li (29), Neala Guo (23), Sukhmani Randhawa (24), Yasmin Elbouch (21) and Zak Wheeler (24)


Parliament Express is presented by Express Media in partnership with Parliament of Victoria.