24 September 2014

InfoBits: Successful Bloggin’

Now that we have given you a few blogs to read, here are some tips on how to create a successful blog.

Pick a category

Whether that be short stories and/or poems, travel, beauty/fashion, food etc. Readers will love to read about your niche. Sticking to a theme will show focus on your area of interest.

Find your writing style

Every author of novels, short stories and even blogs will sit down and think about their style. Have a think about whether you prefer to be conversational or whether you like to distance yourself from the reader. Sometimes it takes time to figure out how you like to write and that’s okay!

Make your blog your own

Let the readers see your personality shine through your writing.

Don’t be afraid of shameless self-promotion

Let’s be real, there are a lot of blogs out there and the only way of being seen is to utilise your social media. Link your blog on all platforms and with every post don’t forget to share it!

Have great photographs and/or graphics

Nothing screams a great blog like a visually pleasing user-friendly page. Great graphics and photos will attract a larger audience, you are more likely to attract people who don’t care about blogs and/or reading if you have great visuals.

Have fun

Writing is meant to be something you enjoy!

-Kimberley Davis

Blogger and Media and Communications Graduate

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