22 September 2014

InfoBits: Bloggin’

Aspiring writers of our generation have more opportunity than ever before to get their writing out into the world. The days of trying to sell your stories to a hard copy publication are slowly dying. You could say that Internet killed the hard copy star! The blogging world is a great place to get your stuff out there.

To introduce you to the blogging world here are some great blogs to follow about writing.

The Renegade Writer 

Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell are authors of the booksThe Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success” andThe Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock”. Their blog is an extension of their books. The blog helps to find your writing style and the best ways of making the most money from freelance writing. They believe that freelance writing is most successful when you write what works for you instead of conforming to the usual writing rules and constraints.

Terrible Minds

The writer of Terrible Minds, Chuck Wendig, is a novelist, game designer and screenwriter. Chuck enjoys discussing writing, food, and children and uses a lot of naughty words! Browse his blog as it features short stories, comics, scripts and even games.

Tuesday Poem

Tuesday Poets is written by a collaboration of people from around the world including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Italy and Lesotho.  Every Tuesday they feature a poem by themselves or others they admire. Tuesday Poets describe their blog as open mic night for the blogosphere.

– Kimberley Davis

Blogger and Media and Communications Graduate

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