23 January 2012

Growth of Perfection – Sharon Du

Growth of Perfection by Sharon Du (13)

The first buds, awkward little calluses on

The stringy branch, whispering winter

Leaves rustle around them in quiet applause

Gradually, they swell and bulge, their shell

Breaking, straining around them

Until they reveal technicolour

Bright pink pigments, soft layers

Sleeping bag spilling, unfurling

Crystal dew studding pastel, pristine flower

Tender dark pink lashes fluttering

As thunder growls in the distance, the sky breaks

White, blinding as it cracks, reform

Shards of mirror rain down, pummelling

The blossom, torn and faltering, cuts dripping, and petals bruised

Lashes now withered, it no longer delights

In the fine silk veils, fragments of beauty

The orb changes, grows, develops again

The flesh becoming green, dark, and swollen, glowering

Enough pale sun and gentle rain from the spring morning

Enough golden-soaked glow from the warmth of summer afternoon

Enough chilly sunsets to the ambience of murmuring grass and falling leaves

First the flesh loosens, and the skin stretches and thins

Pendulous weight, heavy with juices, droops

Plump and miraculous, it sits like a newborn

Fuzzy, fragrant, warm from the sunshine

True beauty in the peach

Lovely, useful, miraculous, truthful, condensed sunshine

And, with a single taste of bliss

Becomes a memory