21 August 2012

Grady McMahon – The Book

The Book

I wasn’t certain what had attracted the plague of creatures, but it probably had something to do with my aunt’s ancient recipe book. I flipped to the faded black cover and looked at the title:

‘Curses for the Apocalypse,’ I read. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have messed with this after all’

It had all started last summer when school had finished. My parents had flown me down to stay with my aunt. They were ‘too busy with work’ they had said, but that was always their excuse. I was now used to it. It wasn’t too bad – my aunt lived down in a quiet part of England. She lived on the edge of a little lake which was where I spent most of my time. She owned a little dinghy that I was allowed to use to go fishing on and swimming off. It wasn’t too bad – it was something to do instead of sitting inside listening to her rant on about the old days. She’d also tell lots of scary stories about horrible creatures that she would scare me with by saying that they used to live in the lake.  But we did get along and we had a lot in common. My aunt had never spent much time with her sister (my mum) so we almost replaced her with each other.

We were having breakfast one morning when she asked me if I wanted to do cook tea that night, I thought I might as well – she did so much for me, so the least I could do was cook dinner. She said she had to go into town for the day to do some errands. This left me by myself in the little cottage, so I decided I would get down her pile of recipe books and decide on something for dinner.

I was sifting through them when I noticed a little leather bound recipe book that was coated in dust. I tried to shake the dust off but it all went up my nose and I started coughing. Eventually when the dust settled I was able to look at the little book. There was a little note stuck to the front, covering the title, it was so old I could hardly make out what it said but I could make out one word, danger. I opened it my curiosity growing by the second and quickly flicked through it. There didn’t seem to be any recipes that I would be able to make, none of them looked like recipes at all. I decided I would show it to my aunt when she got home and ask her what it was all about. I threw the book back into the cupboard, I got a sudden shiver down my spine. I didn’t know what had caused it so I ignored it and kept looking through the recipe books.

Suddenly a heard a huge smash and a huge scaly beast stepped through the front door. The strange recipe book dropped into my hands. I tore off the note that had been stuck to the cover for so long. I flipped to the faded black cover and looked at the title:

‘Curses for the Apocalypse,’ I read. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have messed with this after all.’

By Grady McMahon, Year 9 (Male)