9 June 2012

Get involved with the National Young Writers’ Festival


Look at what you’d be missing out on if you didn’t go.

If you want, you can volunteer.

27—30 September 2012.

The National Young Writers’ Festival (NYWF) occurs annually in the city of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, over the New South Wales’ Labour Day Holiday Weekend in late September/early October.

It is the country’s largest gathering of young and innovative writers working in both new and traditional forms including zines, comics, blogging, screenwriting, poetry, spoken word, hip hop music, journalism, autobiography, comedy, songwriting and prose.

NYWF presents ‘writing’ in its broadest sense through panels, discussions, workshops, launches, performances and readings.

NYWF gives young writers a place to present their work and share ideas, to learn about the industry in which they write and to meet with like-minded people in a friendly festival atmosphere.

As if you can not come. No excuses allowed.