17 October 2018

Frankenletter with Digital Writers’ Festival

In partnership with the Digital Writers’ Festival, Voiceworks brings you an exclusive Tinyletter for one week only! To celebrate the launch of Voiceworks’ new online platform, as well as the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s seminal Gothic horror tale Frankenstein, we explore the hybrid and monstrous nature of digital media. Each day during the Digital Writers’ Festival, a new piece of digital writing will be delivered to your inbox along with a behind-the-scenes look at how the piece was created.

With Kat Capel, Rory Green, Madison Griffiths, Peo Michie, Eda Gunaydin, Mitch Tomas Cave, Jamie Marina Lau and Mira Schlosberg.

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Kat Capel

Kat Capel is a multidisciplinary nonfiction poet currently living and working in Naarm (Melbourne). Their work revolves around an interest in the uncensored and a commitment to experiment with form and language to create more accessible and effective ways of expressing emotion and story. Things that pop up a lot in their work are explorations of the self as unfixed, memory, place, trust, dreams, conversations, queerness and intimacy.

Madison Griffiths | @mgriffithz 

Madison Griffiths is a writer, artist, poet and podcaster whose work has been published in VICE, SBS, Overland, Daily Life, Meanjin, Kill Your Darlings, Pedestrian, Catalogue Magazine, Catapult and Going Down Swinging and more. She is also an online editor at literary youth journal, Voiceworks. She is currently co-hosting the podcast No Chill with comedian Lucinda Price: a podcast about digital feelings and how mental health and social media inevitably collide in the twenty-first century. Her work revolves predominantly around issues concerning women, mental illness, and race.

Eda Gunaydin | @eda__gunaydin

Eda Gunaydin is a Turkish-Australian writer interested in diaspora, class and intergenerational trauma. She has been a Scribe Non-Fiction Prize finalist, Neilma Sidney Literary Fund recipient, and appeared in publications including The Lifted Brow, Meanjin, and Voiceworks.

Jamie Marina Lau

Jamie Marina Lau is a writer from Melbourne. Her debut novel ‘Pink Mountain on Locust Island’ was published by Brow Books this year. More can be found at: catalog03.tumblr.com

Mira Schlosberg | @miraschlosberg 

Mira Schlosberg is a writer and comics artist. They are the editor of Voiceworks and edit comics for Scum Mag.

Peo Michie | @PeoMichie

Peo Michie is a Melbourne-based animator, comic artist and tattoo artist. She’s most locally known for her zine Word of a Black Teenage Lesbian which was only sold at Festival of the Photocopier and Homecooked Comics Festival. Peo is also popularly recognized thru her online social media. Her art is exclusively about drawing beautiful and proud depictions of femme characters, and to celebrate those who are expressive, fashionable, sexy and vulnerable.

Mitch Tomas Cave | @mitchtomascave 

Mitch Tomas Cave is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. His work has been published in Australian Poetry Anthology, Cordite, Rabbit, Plumbwood Mountain, as well as others internationally. His manuscript, How to Eat Fire and Why, was shortlisted for the 2018 Subbed In Chapbook Prize.

Rory Green | @rorydoinstuff 

Rory Green is a 20-year-old writer from the Central Coast of New South Wales. They currently studying at the University of Technology Sydney with a personal focus on user experience and internet cultures. They have performed their poetry, among other events, at Subbed In and Sad By Sad West.