31 August 2022

Farewell to our wonderful General Manager, Jesse Oliver Garlick!

After 2 wonderful years with us, Express Media and Voiceworks are saying a heartfelt goodbye to Jesse Oliver Garlick, our wonderful CEO/General Manager. Jesse has given tirelessly to young Australian writers, artists and editors by leading Express Media, and is responsible for what both Voiceworks and Express Media are today!

“Being away from family over the past couple of years due to the pandemic has been difficult, but I have been constantly inspired by the resilience and persistence of the Express Media staff and community. I am so proud of the projects, programs and publications we have delivered in this time through the hard work of the team and board, and the talent we have seen emerge in our community as a result.”

“I am sad to be leaving, I have loved this role and what it has given to my career, but I am also excited to see what the next CEO brings to the organisation and how they will continue to foster young artists, writers, and storytellers.”

As a part of our goodbye, we sat down with Jesse to chat about his time with us, what applicants might expect from the CEO role, and what he is wanting from the future.


1) What was the most surprising thing about being Express Media’s General Manager?

The most surprising thing for me is how much I’ve actually enjoyed learning about governance! I think I had this unfounded idea that I’d be up against limitations and red tape, but through this role I’ve grown to understand how these frameworks help steer an organisation, better it’s operations and uphold its duty to its members – not to mention helping to provide stability through these tough times! Shout out to the supportive and dedicated Board of Directors, Express Media is certainly in skilled hands.

2) What’s some advice you have for arts workers wanting to take on this role in the future?

Roles with Express Media, regardless of the position, come with their fair share of challenges. That being said, these are equally balanced with amazing opportunites to develop professionally and be rewarded vocationally. Just as our programs have produced noticeable alumni that now populate bookstores and festivals, our previous team members have gone on to achieve significant leadership roles in the local, state and national arts industry. And this is not so much advice as it is a celebration of what the role offers but working the youth literature and arts community of Voiceworks and EM Programs will leave you inspired on a daily basis.

3) What are some of the things you learnt in your time being Express Media’s General Manager?

The skills and knowledge I have taken from this role will certainly be carried with me for the rest of my career. Working with our board I have learned high level financial management, business acumen, governance and policy processes – really too many practical skills to mention, but all the right ones to launch me into the next stage of my career. Working with the Express Media team, especially through some tough lockdowns, has taught me that with support and comradery, almost anything is possible.

4) What were some of your highlights of the experience?

Following from the previous question, it’s kind of funny how the highlights I fondly remember are the times of absolute chaos – most because of how the Express Media team came together in those times to overcome it. Overall, the highlight would be the honour of working alongside a group of people who are passionate and dedicated to facilitating our community. Shout out to the Express Media team, you have been nothing less than inspiring in the way you have fought for opportunities to develop and showcase youth arts and literature on the larger industry stage.

5) What has been your absolute fave Express Media event/initiative and why?

It’s going to have to be our previous editor Adalya Nash Hussein’s Animal Crossing Voiceworks Launch. That and the way our digital presence has evolved over these past couple of years leading to the coolest venue in the metaverse – the Express Media ZONE!

6) What’s coming up next for you? 

I’ll be moving back west to my hometown in Perth as the Community Arts Officer with my local council. I’m of course sad to be leaving Melbourne behind, as well as the Express Media community (which I am slightly too old for!), but I am excited to begin a new chapter a little closer to my friends and family in WA. Who knows, I also might start writing and performing poetry again so watch this space!


We wish you all the luck on your new job back in WA Jesse and we will miss you very much!


We are currently looking for a highly skilled and energetic arts manager to provide leadership in ensuring the sustainable future of the organisation.

Applications for the position of Express Media’s General Manager/CEO close at 11:59PM AEST September 2nd. For more details about the role, including how to apply, please download the position description  here (word version).