2 June 2012

NYWM: Day Two

Saturday Share – Each Saturday we’ll have a guest sharing their latest read(s). Today is Lefa Singleton Norton, Creative Producer at Express Media.

Lately I’ve been reading a great deal of young adult fiction, and I’ve just finished the second book from Veronica Roth, Insurgent. I’ve only just read the first book in the series, Divergent, which I enjoyed a lot, so I was keen to get stuck in to this one. I can’t say I was disappointed. The second book kept up the intensity of the characters and moved the story along nicely. I’m already looking forward to the third book, but I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a while.

The other book I have on the go is Leanne Hall’s This is Shyness. I’ve been meaning to get around to reading it for ages, and given her follow-up book, Queen of the Night, has just been released I though it was about time I got stuck in. So far I’m really enjoying it. Hall has a great way of setting up the world of the novel, and the voices of the protagonists (who are both narrators) is a good mix. Looking forward to finishing it soon.

Today the NYWM Travelling Story is in Victoria. Our daily writer is Caitlin Henderson, 22, from Melton South.