24 June 2012

NYWM: Day Twenty-Four

Today is the deadline for submissions and pitches to Voiceworks #90 Copy/Paste. Check out the Voiceworks submissions section for details.

New South Wales poets and writers, Australian Poetry is launching the second edition of their flagship publication the Australian Poetry Journal this afternoon at the Brett Whitely Studio. Check the website for further details.

Today the NYWM Travelling Story is in South Australia. Our daily writer is Nick Gibbs, 22, from Clare.

Sunday Session – take a day off writing and find some inspiration to recharge your creative battery.

Today it is time to abandon your computer, leave behind your iPod and your mobile phone. Leave words behind. Take time to appreciate other people’s creations. Visit a gallery, go see some live music, watch a theatre production. Whatever it is, let it be three-dimensional, instead of on a screen or on a page. If you manage to stop staring at screens and words, you will let your other senses absorb the world and experience it differently. When it’s time to come back to writing again you might be renewed by a new rhythm or a new approach.