17 June 2012

NYWM: Day Seventeen

Ladies, here is a short story competition just for you. The Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award is open to women over the age of 18 all over Australia. More details can be found on the Spineless Wonders website, with entries closing August 31.

Are you based in North Queensland? Submissions are now open for Literature in North Queensland, and close on August 31. More details on the website. Don’t forget to check out the Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre for more local opportunities and information.

Sunday Session – take a day off writing and find some inspiration to recharge your creative battery.

If you’ve been writing in a vacuum, today’s Sunday Session is just for you. Sometimes we need to step back and take a look at what all this writing is adding up to.  Author Dee White is hosting a great opportunity for all writers on her blog DeeScribe. It’s your chance to find a writing buddy or crit partner. Someone to take a look at all your hard work and give you encouragement, feedback and criticism to improve your writing. What better to do on a Sunday but invest in the opportunity to develop all this hard work you’ve been doing. Check it out on the website!

Today the NYWM Travelling Story is in Queensland. Our daily writer is Sophie Overett, 21, from Morningside.